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Listen, I’m gonna be honest: What we’re about to recommend here isn’t going to be the prettiest thing you’ll wear around your apartment. You definitely aren’t going to feel your sexiest while wearing these items, per se. And yeah, you might wake up in the middle of the night and struggle to remember why you’re wearing these odd gloves or socks or gloves and socks. But damnit, you’re going to be moisturized on another level when you wake up in the a.m.

We’re going to breakdown the odd phenomenon known as moisturizing (usually gel-infused) gloves and socks. We’re not talking about the standard gloves you wear outside—the ones below usually have some type of built-in bonus on the inside of them, entirely devoted to hydrating your hands. Same goes for the socks; these are not socks you’ll be particularly inspired to wear around town.


While all of the below will work in a pinch when you need a 15-minute quick moisture boost, these tend to really shine and get the job done when worn overnight. Yeah, I know, overnight gloves. It’s odd, and an odd sensation come bedtime, but it’s worth it.

Glamour Gloves, Bliss, $40.99

These “glamour” gloves can be worn up to 50 times. Have some “glamorous” dreams with the mix of olive oil, vitamin oil, and grapeseed oil inside the self-activating gel lining for smooth, moisturized hands.

Moisturizing Gel Gloves, NatraCure, $9.99

These gloves have “medical grade mineral oil,” and the gel lining heats up with the temperature of your hands, slowly releasing the lavender essential oils to “steep” your skin in hydration. So much steeping in fact, that they state that the gloves are “designed to bask hands in moisture, not meant to be breathable”—i.e. they will not be comfortable, but they will hydrate.


Okay, socks—at least socks are a more normal thing to wear to bed. Granted, most of the below have some type of gel-infused aspect to them, but nonetheless, these are an easier, super effective way to hydrate dry heels and toes quickly.

Five-Toe Moisturizing Gel Socks, NatraCure, $19.99

I know we just promised above that this category of socks would be “normal,” so sorry to recommend these toe-socks first and foremost. But look, they are going to be mad hydrating for those hard-to-reach in-between toes area, thanks to the slowly-released oils, botanicals, and vitamins in the gel lining.

Moisturizing Booties, Gel Ultimates, $17.25

These are the type of cozy socks you can wear around the house, and they are infused with a “proprietary gel” (we’re listening!) that mixes avocado, olive, and other oils to soften and restore feet. Washable and reusable for months, too. The gel is also green tea and willow scented, so your feet will smell great, too.

Skin Rejuvenating Socks, Iluminage, $35

These are a bit different but still worth noting, because they are infused with patented copper technology. They look and feel like regular socks, and are meant to be worn either during the day or at night. But what happens over continuous use (a few times a week) is significant. Look at them like a normal pair of socks that are secretly working to repair and replenish your feet over time.


If you are on board for both hand and feet hydration and want to make a whole go of them together, a set could very well be your go-to then. Two dry birds, one moisturizing stone?

Moisturizing Glove and Bootie Set, Sharper Image, $69.99

Make others (mint) green with envy with your special gel-lined microfiber gloves and booties. This set is infused with a whopping total of six botanical oils, including avocado, olive, mineral, jojoba, grape seed, and lavender—all to soothe and condition cracked skin, hydrate the cuticles, and help prevent calluses. The cost may seem extra, but it good for up to 100 treatments.

Aloe Moisture Ultra Plush Gloves & Socks

Earth Therapeutics, 


Hey, shout out to Ulta, you misspelled gloves to be “golves” on this one. But these are still cool, so no worries. They are aloe-infused, rather than gel-infused like a lot of our favorites on this list, so you’ll add your own thick lotion for this set to take it to the next level. Pair them with an insanely hydrating cream like Pai Skincare Fragonia & Sea Buckthorn Instant Hand Therapy Cream ($30) or Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Foot Cream ($5).

Moisturizing Gloves And Booties

Hammacher Schlemmer, 


Another mint set of gloves and booties, another opportunity for hydration. These are yet again gel lined with medical grade mineral oil to cut through dry heels and hands. The gel releases a combo of essential oils, including avocado, jojoba, olive, grapeseed, and soybean, that penetrate deep below the skin’s surface to rejuvenate.

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