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If you’re feeling nostalgic for the post-war golden era, take a trip to Dallas where one house on the market will give you your fill of mid-century design bliss. The house at 11016 Pinocchio Drive is located in Dallas’ Disney Streets neighborhood. It was part of the neighborhood’s first Parade of Homes in 1954, a National Association of Home Builders event that aimed to showcase the latest trends in building tech and design, Curbed reports.

silver backsplash

Nothing says the 50s like a classic American diner. This home has basically turned its kitchen into one. The silver backsplash mimics the stainless steel panels usually found in prefabricated diners and the silver door looks like you could rollerblade through it to give an order to the fry cook.

pink appliances

In the 50s, custom painted refrigerators were a big way for housewives to show personal style. These cotton candy pink appliances tell us that there’s nothing boring about the owners of this house.

block glass

The block glass wall is also reminiscent of a classic diner and serves as a way to bring light into the room while still maintaining the cozy feel of 50s kitchens.

jetsons swivel chair

Space-age chairs are certainly back en vogue, but this sectioned seat is like something straight out of the Jetsons.

orange and brown

Not since the Brady Bunch, have we seen so much orange and brown in one kitchen. The bar with glass shelves and recess lighting give the whole look a very chic appeal–somewhere Don Draper might pour himself a scotch.

cushioned vinyl

Want to instantly feel like your in a retro diner? Add a little tufted vinyl to your kitchen. This cherry red really feels like something Danny Zuko would enjoy.

mirrored wall

A sitting room with a mirrored wall is a great place to check yourself out before heading to the pool. Candy striped window looks like something that might start spiraling and Austin Powers might magically jump out from.

big boy

Speaking of Austin Powers, remember that Big Boy statue Dr. Evil floated around space in? It’s right here in the backyard and it’s kitsch in all the right ways. Big Boy was a popular burger joint in the 50s with a character that even had his own comic book.

…and if that wasn’t enough for you, check out this retro teal and white bathroom complete with a matching vintage radio.


You just don’t see this much teal anymore, and this house actually makes us think that’s a shame. The teal trim on the outside of the house gives it a whimsical vibe that wraps all the way around to the back yard, which is a teal extravaganza.

pool umbrella

This white and gold pool umbrella is a classic staple of any vintage pool scene. All that’s missing is Tom Collins and a bathing beauty in cat eye sunglasses.

pink Cadillac

So it’s not technically part of the décor or the design, but could you really imagine parking an SUV in front of this house? This candy pink convertible brings the whole vibe together and makes us want to hop in and go to a drive-in movie.