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Sure, ladders might make us think of the times we’ve fished dusty knickknacks out from hard to reach cabinets, or stood on our tiptoes replacing light bulbs. But these days, ladders aren’t just for climbing; they’ve become chic, multifunctional space savers. Think of the rungs not as a place for your feet, but as somewhere to hang your pots and pans, plants, towels, scarves, or even office supplies. Not sure which ladder is right for the job? Look no further than the ladders in the slideshow ahead. With these, the sky’s the limit.

Hub Ladder, $79.99

Ladder Wine Bottle Rack-Small, $281.99 What better way to show off that extensive wine collection than with an equally eye-catching storage solution?

Tower Leaning Ladder Rack, $50

Library Ladder with Galvanized Shelf, $267.99 This appropriately-named library ladder is handcrafted of wood reclaimed from 19th century buildings!

Towel Ladder, $499.99

St. Paul Ladder Shelf, $495 This rustic-meets-industrial chic piece features a heavily distressed finish that effortlessly complements the natural beauty of the wood.

Tower Leaning Coat Hanger, $78

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Published on April 18, 2017