how to cope with NO kitchen cabinets

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City-dwellers are all too familiar with kitchens that come with an inconvenient number of stipulations – number one: a lack of closed cabinets. Here, 10 things every cabinet-less kitchen should have. Take a look.

Utilize a kitchen cart to house an assortment of items from plates and flatware to cookbooks and spice jars.

Group similarly-sized items and countertop appliances to achieve a more cohesive aesthetic within the room.


open shelving

Bring in a streamlined shelf with a similar open concept as an additional source for storage.

Think of this as the kitchen’s version of a

gallery wall

Fill an empty wall with floating shelves, spice racks, and various decorative storage vessels.

Tiered baskets fastened from the ceiling provide a versatile source for storage, often reserved – though not limited to – fruits and veggies.


decorative ladder

doubles as storage for clunky pots and pans, conveniently situated aside the stove.

Upcycle canisters or jars to hold frequently used cooking essentials, set aside the stove for convenience.

Deck a free wall with rows of towel rods, paired with vessels to hold miscellaneous items and cutlery.

A lack of drawers in the kitchen means getting creative with storing cooking utensils. Install a pegboard paired with hooks, to house everything from cutlery to cutting boards.

Transfer pantry staples into uniform canisters to openly display on the counter.