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You don’t have to sacrifice style (or gardening) just because you don’t have a front lawn. There’s plenty of ways to get creative with design to make your nonexistent front yard work for you.

Perhaps the easiest way to give your porch a little bit of greenery is to take to the walls. Hang a metal trellis on the wall and attach a few wooden plant holders with leather straps for an instantly chic vertical garden.

We’re head over heels in love with this modern take on a hanging garden. The mason jars are a urban-chic touch to the tried-and-true gardening method. In lieu of petite house plants, opt for herbs instead so you can grow delicious things to use in your cooking.

Make the most of a tiny space with a stacked vertical garden. It’s space-saving modular design will give you the room you need to garden without any lawn at all.

Who needs a lawn when you can create your own vertical jungle. Grab a few dozen of your favorite plants, affix them to a trellis attached to the side of your home, and watch as your living backdrop flourishes.

Looking for a country-chic solution to your lawn woes? Turn a drab second-hand ladder into a vertical planter with just a few coats of paint and some chalk.

For a more romantic alternative to having no front lawn, try hanging wisps of vines from your roof. It not only provides a little bit of greenery to your urban oasis, but it also provides a cute backdrop for any impromptu Instagram photos you might take.

If you’re looking for a more modern take on a hanging planter, look no further than this wooden creation. It’s contemporary and fashionable in all the right ways. And that white rope? Gorgeous!

These dangling planters should be your go-to for decorating any window or balcony that needs a little greenery. DIY them yourself for a totally unique look.

Sometimes the simplest solution to having no front lawn is to grab a few (large) planters of different sizes and mix-and-match them on your porch. Add a few colorful plants to each for a synonymous, yet colorful, mini garden look.

Think outside of the box when it comes to using a ladder as a planter by hanging one horizontally on a wall. It’s an unexpected change from the norm that will definitely get your guests talking.

Forget having just one small planter sitting on your front porch. Embrace the bold and unexpected and grow your own plant wall. Trust us, you can never go wrong with a plant wall.

Create a vertical herb garden for your home. All you need is a petite trellis, a few metal hooks, and some metal buckets to complete this Pinterest-worthy look.

Terrariums are so last year. Take your succulents to the walls with a stunning vertical planter that’s fit for both indoor and outdoor use. Might we suggest hanging this beauty near your front door to welcome your guests into your home?

Give a few old cooking pots a new life with a fresh coat of paint and some heavy-duty twine. Hang these sturdy (and undeniably cute) planters outside your home, and you won’t even notice you don’t have a lawn.

In honor of doing things your own way, and an ode to ‘Stranger Things,’ domino presents you with upside down gardening. That’s right, turn everything you thought you knew about hanging planters upside down and embrace this unique trend. Honestly, we’d prefer this to a manicured lawn any day.

Sometimes you’ve just gotta embrace

ikea hacks

for what they are — genius. Take a vertical storage cart and transform it into a vertical planter fit for your front porch. Use succulents or flowy vine-like plants to create your perfect mini-garden aesthetic.