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himalayan salt mortar and pestle 

This compact mortar and pestle is the only vessel you’ll need for serving dips or making your signature sauces. Due to the very composition of the piece – regardless of what you may fill it with – it will naturally lend a subtle hint of saltiness to your dish. Psst! It’s perfect for making a flawlessly seasoned bowl of guacamole!


This unique method of cooking entails vacuum sealing food in air-tight bags and placing them in a temperature controlled water bath. The purpose is to evenly cook each of the ingredients, while preserving their flavors and moisture. Get the scoop for perfecting this French-inspired cooking method here!

standing mixer

Whether you’re a seasoned baker, or just starting out, we can’t recommend a standing mixer enough! For anyone who has spent those seemingly endless minutes tied to a hand mixer while making a meringue, this is more or less a lifesaver.

cast iron skillets

We love cast iron skillets for their sheer versatility and ability to host an array of recipes from breakfast to dinner, and even dessert. This multi-functional item can even stand to cook atop the stove, in the oven, and on the grill. The bonus? It will typically last you for many years to come!

Discover 50 delicious cast iron skillet recipes here.

garlic peeler

We’d be hard pressed to set peeling garlic at the top of our list of favorite culinary tasks. Aside from leaving a stench on our hands for the entirety of the day, it’s simply too tedious. Enter this clever gadget, which does all the work for you. Simply place a few cloves inside the tube, and gentle roll the peeler on top of a counter until the outer shells are off!


If you ask us, nothing really compares to a perfectly seared cut of meat, and this revolutionary tool allows you to do just that. Its innovative design produces an evenly distributed flame, which in turn sears ingredients at an ideal temperature level. The best part? You may use it for everything from cooking crispy fried eggs and scallops, to reheating pizza and roasting veggies on the grill.

Get it here.

french press

We take our coffee pretty seriously around here, and so a French Press should definitely go without saying. This stunning ceramic piece is not only chic and easy on the eyes, but it brews one very mean cup of joe.

meat thermometers

Consider them the secret to grilling the perfect steak or avoiding undercooked chicken (no one wants that). A meat thermometer is a gadget often overlooked but truly essential, and it can make all the difference in the kitchen.


For the more seasoned home chef, a steamer tops the list of gadgets one can’t live without. Aside from the numerous health benefits that stem from the method of cooking, its simple and practical elements of functionality make for a strong case for switching up your culinary ways.

slow cookers

It’s no secret that slow cookers hold a special place in our hearts. Their ability to transform a motley of ingredients into mouthwatering meals is enough to convince even the most stubborn of skeptics into possessing one.

lemon squeezer

A lemon or lime squeezer is a gadget one may deem unnecessary, but upon first use, there is really no going back. Gone are the days of strenuously attempting to get every morsel of juice out by hand, thanks to this very necessary device.

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cooking torch

To those who deem the Searzall to be a bit too intimidating, start out small. A cooking torch is the perfect tool for the budding chef and a must-have gadget in our books! Besides, a meringue or a creme brulee isn’t quite complete sans a beautifully browned detail.

julienne peeler

From making spaghetti squash to stripping veggies into delicate pieces, julienne peelers are a cook’s best friend. This tried and true gadget is perfect for making salads and garnishes as a finishing touch.

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over-the-sink cutting board

Every small-space dweller knows that the key to surviving in tight quarters lies within utilizing pieces with dual points of functionality. This over-the-sink strainer and cutting board does just that and certainly makes life easier as a counter extension. 

immersion blenders

When it comes to life’s simple pleasures, immersion blenders are at the top of our list, especially around the holidays. We can’t think of a better alternative to transferring bowls of whatever we’re making in and out of various pots and dishes and food processors. The fact that this device allows one to blend everything and anything in its original pot should be enough reason to invest in one. Think of all the dishes you’ll avoid having to wash!