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We’ve always loved our fall traditions, so we get it. When you only do a certain activity once a year, you look forward to it! Pumpkin picking and spending days at the apple orchard are lovely ways to spend time with those you love… But they also make a great Instagram, which is why the Internet has labeled our beloved fall traditions #basic. No matter, though. We will continue to love them and share these special moments on social media, because fall is awesome and we’re not ashamed.

1. Going apple picking.

This is a MUST. Not only do you get to pick and eat apples, but you get to take cute pictures while doing so, and also bake yummy apple pies with them when you get home. Is this not the best weekend activity ever?

2. Drinking a PSL, because duh.

Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Lattes have come to symbolize everything basic in the fall, and nobody is mad about it. We all still drink the lattes. And we love it. If you don’t have at least one in the fall, you’re doing it wrong.

3. Okay, eating and drinking pumpkin EVERYTHING.

Literally, everything. Like all the things. Pumpkin flavored beer, pie, cereal, chips, desserts. You rest easy this fall knowing that you can—and will—eat or drink basically anything in a pumpkin spice flavor.

4. …And pumpkin picking and carving—besties required.

Not going pumpkin picking is not an option. And neither is skipping a carving party with your besties where you’ll also drink pumpkin beer, because why not really go for it?

5. looking forward to (and talking about) sweater weather.

Ah, magical sweater weather. After a long summer of trying to keep cool, you cherish the moment you put on your first sweater, flannel, scarf, or pair of Hunter boots.

6. Experiencing the fall foliage.

There’s no denying the changing hues of fall are inspiring, especially when you’re in real nature. Trees lining the street and vines creeping up buildings are beautiful, too, but there’s nothing like going on a hike and seeing a full forest of rich red, orange, and yellow leaves. (Here are our top ten visit-worthy fall foliage destinations!)

7. Jumping in a big pile of leaves.

The only thing better than raking a pile of leavings before jumping in it is skipping the raking part! (Seriously.) Obviously, bonus points are given out if babies or puppies are the ones frolicking in the piles of leaves. Watch out for Boomerang, everyone’s favorite Instagram app that’s a mix between a video and a gif. Expect to hear the phrase, “If you didn’t Boomerang your leaf pile jump, did it even happen?”

8. switching out your throw pillows (and then instagramming them).

In addition to pumping up your usual decor with fall decorations, there are also decor swaps that some people opt to make. Think throw pillows, linens, dishes, wall colors, book shelf pieces, and more. Naturally, ‘gramming the seasonal transformation of your home is a must.

9. planning your Thanksgiving menu before Halloween even arrives.

It’s okay to be excited for the holidays… Even if it is during those pre-Halloween days. If you start brainstorming (and testing) new dishes for your Thanksgiving menu before mid-October rolls around, you know what we’re talking about. It’s completely normal to start planning your tablescape, too, especially when DIYs are involved!

10. Visiting a winery.

Now, in addition to visiting your local pumpkin patch and apple orchard, you must also find a nearby winery for a more sophisticated weekend day trip. Good news, there’s wine involved.

11. Buying—and using—seasonal-smelling candles, lotions, etc.

If your entire home and person does not smell of fall, you’re doing something wrong. You can buy 20 fall-scented candles at Bath & Body Works named things like leaves, flannel, crisp morning air, pumpkin pecan waffles, and more. It’s any fall lover’s dream come true, really.

12. Hosting a campfire cookout.

Spending time outside in the fall is arguably the best time you can spend outside. It’s hot enough to need a nighttime fire (which provides an excellent excuse for s’mores and more savory dishes), but not cold enough to need more than light layers. Plus, bonfires are just the best.

13. Overly cute costumes that everyone loves to hate (but really just loves).

Rule number one: Cute animals dressed in Halloween costumes are always cute. Always. Coordinated couples costumes are sometimes cute and costumes involving a pun will always win. (You can also score your costume at the hardware store, just saying.)

14. Wearing Ugg boots.

At this point, we’re officially trolling our early-2000s selves with our collection of Ugg boots, but we’re probably also never going to stop wearing them. If you’ve never placed your precious foot into a pair, you most likely don’t understand. If you have, you agree that they are the coziest shoes in the whole world.

15. Drinking seasonal cocktails.

The PSL and pumpkin-flavored beers are just a small fraction of seasonal drinking you can partake in. We’ll be making cider sangrias and cinnamon whiskey cocktails, spiking our hot chocolate, and perfecting our hot toddy recipe before the real cold rolls in. And don’t forget about bringing back your favorite bottles of red wine.

16. Adjusting your fall beauty routine.

We’re talking bringing out your dark lipstick, getting Oxblood-hued manicures, and ditching your super light summer highlights. And don’t forget about no longer having to worry about mattifying your summer glow (aka sweat). It’s exciting. Every. Single. Year.

17. Attempt a fall Pinterest activity.

Pinterest is FULL of fall DIYs and crafts that are #basic in more ways than one. Have you ever crafted alone or without a fall-themed drink in hand? Didn’t think so. (Bonus: The crafts obviously end up being decorations for your home, which is means this activity is triple basic.)