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1. THE OLYMPIC RINGS This might be about as no-fuss as a group costume could possibly get. Simply wrap the rubber hoops in pvc tape, with colors corresponding to the rings, gather four friends, and you’re done!

what you’ll need:

PVC Tape

Rubber Hoop Cover

2. 50 SHADES OF GRAY We’ve seen the typical paint chip covered dress our shirt, but this unique wreath (or crown!) breathes a bit of fresh life to the punny costume.

what you’ll need: paint chips in various shades of graywire ring

steps Fold each paint chip in half and cut into a semicircle. Fasten the leaves onto the wire ring, until it’s covered entirely.

3. DUNGEON GHOST Wrap yourself in a 15 ft chain and get ready to be the spooky (after) life of the party.

what you’ll need: Welded Chain

4. STICK FIGURE This infamous figure comes to life in a hilarious and clever DIY.

what you’ll need:

Painter’s Overall

PVC Tape

steps Trace the outline of the arms and legs with a thin piece of black PVC tape.

5. MINION Channel these ultra adorable characters with just a few simple staples!

what you’ll need:

  • hard hat
  • goggles
  • overalls

6. CRAZY STRAW This 90s staple is making a comeback. Customize yours by running a vibrant ribbon through the length of the tube.

what you’ll need:

Vinyl Tubing

steps Simply wrap around your body.


7. STATUE OF LIBERTY In a bind? Transform yourself into Lady Liberty with just a simple strand of copper wire.

what you’ll need:

stranded green copper wire thhn wire

steps Using a headband as a base, twist the wire into baseless triangles, and fasten atop the headband.

8. EVIDENCE BAG Calling all CSI fans! This clever DIY is just what you were looking for.

what you’ll need:clear tarpred tape

steps Create a ziplock bag shaped cover and staple each of the four corners of the tarp. Run a strip of red tape across the top length of the bag.