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When you’re about to move, there’s so much to do. Hire reputable movers, find boxes, figure out what kind of tape you need and exactly how much bubble wrap…and what about all those antique picture frames from Grandma? Sell them? Or save them?
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We know, making lists can be boring. What if someone provided you with a comprehensive one that basically does most of the work? There’s a handy moving checklist right here:

minimize, ruthlessly

Those dusty old picture frames? Unless they’re genuine antiques (worth money) or super sentimental, figure out how to get rid of them. Do that for every room in your house. Purge yourself of all the old books, unused exercise equipment, and poorly maintained electronic detritus you have lying around. The minimalism will be appreciated when you actually get to the step of filling boxes.

research movers

What you want out of a moving company is punctual professionalism, a wealth of experience, hard-working crews and proper insurance, especially if you are moving into an apartment building or co-op. An onsite estimate is crucial, so qualified moving consultants can help come with a plan and price.

old school trapper keeper

Put together a moving binder or folder that houses all your communication with the movers and all other documents that are essential to a smooth move.

supply chain

Get together all your boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and other various packing materials. Having it all in one place and organized before you even begin packing will give you some peace of mind. Of course, there is plenty of peace of mind to be found in hiring professional packers. A bit of an expense, but one that you will be raving about for years to come.

measure twice, move once

Measure all your large furniture and other items. Make sure they will fit in the rooms in your new place and have a general plan to direct the movers, so you can efficiently place everything on move-in day. It will save a lot of dilly-dallying on a crazy day.

addressing your big change

Educate yourself on the Post Office address change guidelines. You can do everything online and it only costs $1.05. It will be an invaluable service to catch all the people and companies you don’t notify individually.

get ready for the big day

Take the day off from work. Even if you’re using competent professionals, you’re going to want to be around to supervise and make sure your belongings go where they are supposed to go. Double-check the details with your moving company to confirm the time, place, price, etc. Gather up some cash to tip the crew. And make sure you have the proper payment methods ready to settle the main bill.

Those are the essentials. Print this out and keep it near you as you go through the moving process. It will keep you organized and on track. Just gather up the fortitude to 86 those frames.