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If you ever find yourself yearning to have that perfect Richard Gere/Winona Ryder Autumn in New York experience, you’re not alone. No, we’re not talking about the romance. We’re talking about the quintessential New York backdrop that lends itself so well to cinematic greats in the fall. There’s something about this season that gets us feeling all sorts of warm and fuzzy. From the changing leaves in Central Park to the chunky knits we get to wear while strolling with our favorite seasonally spiced beverages, New Yorkers tend to fall back in love with the city during this time of year. Not here to enjoy it firsthand? We put together a list of some of our favorite Instagram accounts that will transport you over to the big (candied) apple.

Grace Ban knows a thing or two about aesthetics and her Instagram feed is second to none in terms of stylish perfection. Foliage tends to be the star of many photos, but the colors of leaves aren’t the only things that make for a scenic season. The changes in lighting in general add a different glow to the streets for these couple of months and this is something that Grace photographs perfectly.

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This concrete jungle that we call home may have some of the most famous parks in the world, but we don’t have immediate access to farms. Sure, we can travel up north to spend a day on hayrides, but what about the immediate seasonal gratification we all crave along with spiced apple cider? Brooklyn Grange is the perfect rooftop farm that offers endless autumnal bliss. The views, produce and plant life here showcase all the reasons why this season is a fan fav.

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There are countless reasons why NYC is awesome at this time of year, but the quiet is one of them. There is a lull in the city at this time. Post summer craziness and pre holiday chaos. Low key mornings strolling the streets paired with sweaters and booties are what these months are made for. Stefan Karlström captures these chilly mornings around Manhattan so perfectly that you may book yourself a plane ticket to experience them for yourself.

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Food is where it’s at. It’s not called the harvest for nothing! Apple cider doughnuts and pumpkins big and small are proudly displayed at the Union Square Green Market. You can’t walk through here without picking up a tiny gourd for decor or a sizeable doughnut for your mouth! While you may not be able to easily roll out of bed in sweatpants and visit Union Square, you can follow along with their latest vendors and the goodies they have in tow.

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Joanna Goddard is the lovely lady behind one of our favorite blogs A Cup of Jo. The refreshing thing about her social feed is that she shows real day to day activities. See the real vibes of her neighborhood in Brooklyn and all of the local charm of seasonal decorations that are starting to adorn historic brownstones and family-filled streets.

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One of the added bonuses of fall in New York is that you can start eating in boutique dining locations again. Over the summer these tiny in size, but big on flavor establishments get crowded and heat up pretty quickly! Once the temps drop below 65 it’s game on when it comes to dining in restaurants with limited space. Michelle Yan documents some of her local favorites that will have you wanting to grub on comfort foods amongst good lighting and high style.

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It’s hard to deny the overwhelming appeal of fall fashion. Even when you’re at home on a lazy Sunday it’s not out of the question to be curled up reading while donning your latest cashmere turtleneck find. Andy Jackson gives us a taste of liveable fashion in the city and we’re into it. Cropped jeans with high socks may be something that would make our mom’s grimace, but Andy is giving major style vibes. It may be warm and sunny where you are right now, but NYC is layered up!

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Another one of our blogger favorites,

erin boyle

of reading my tea leaves gives us a great peek into her home. She incorporates fall favorites into her living space and it works perfectly. With the addition of leaves, pumpkins and warm colors, you’ll be swooning right on over to a New York realtor. Being out and about in the city is fantastic, but being at home with family and friends and your beautiful interior are another reason to love this cozy time.

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Cafes, interiors, empty streets and flowers are only a few of the things you’ll see on Melissa Adames’ feed. Setting up shop for the day in an NYC coffee shop is something that should never be taken for granted! Beautifully designed interiors with open windows allowing the cool breeze in while you work and have your second spiced drink is what autumn in New York dreams are made of!

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The facades of brownstones throughout the boroughs of New York have Instagram accounts solely dedicated to them and we are suckers for some good doors.

latonya yvette

gives a perfect view into the life of a local. Even someone passing these stoops daily isn’t jaded by the beauty and history behind them. The only thing that makes them better is that late autumn sun and florals that line their entries.

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What’s better than perfectly photographed scenes in Central Park? Perfectly photographed scenes in Central Park of adorable families! Naomi Davis of Love Taza has a beautiful family and proudly shares the brood with the rest of us. From Halloween costumes to leafy strolls, this taste of NYC will have you wanting to change your zip code ASAP.

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Fall is the season of warm pastries and lattes to help you get you out of bed in the morning. Levain Bakery will have you running out of bed though! It’s proximity to Central Park only adds to its Upper West Side magic. Grab a cookie, brioche, cinnamon bun or whatever floats your boat and head to the Boathouse to devour your sweets. Or, at least visit their Instagram to have major food envy.

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We’ve touched upon the wonders of casual fall fashion, but Blair Eadie shows off the chicest side of getting dolled up in autumn. Ever since Blair Waldorf graced our screens in 2007, Upper West Side inspired thematic dressing has been a crowd favorite. This Blair is giving Ms.Waldorf a run for her money though! Walking through a park has never looked more fabulous.

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The Highline has become an essential part of New York over the past years and now is the perfect time to pay a visit. This elevated park takes you on the ultimate west side tour of New York without ever having to wait to cross a street. The park in its entirety is groomed to perfection with gorgeous plants and installations. Stop at one of the eateries to enjoy a quick bite while taking in your surroundings.

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