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With the beginning of every new season, there’s an emphasis on change. New clothes! Different food. Updated decor. But do you really have to change your decor seasonally? Of course not, but it’s fun. Plus, making your home cozier in preparation for winter is kind of a necessity, right? Keep reading for easy swaps that will make your home feel more autumn-inspired.

add some copper

Copper is the metal of the moment. Don’t feel pressure to replace every mixed metal cabinet pull, lamp stand, or appliance in your home, though. Adding a new metal finish to your space is as easy as adding some new wall decor or a sophisticated vase.

Your fall fruit belongs in this bowl.

Copper AND malachite? This clock is winning major trend points.

Bringing out a copper vase (filled with fall florals, of course) instead of your favorite colored glass vase from summer provides and instant update.

You’re going to need a place to set your mulled wine and pumpkin ale this fall, right? A copper side table will do nicely.

swap your leaning (or hanging!) artwork

Changing your entire

gallery wall

each season is not realistic. The art you love should be present in your home year round. But there is something to be said about switching up one or two pieces of your artwork to reflect the current season. Still not on board? Rearrange. This is especially easy to do when your artwork is leaning against a wall or shelf.

The rich golden yellow hues of this ombré-like painting feel very natural and fall. Plus, we just love pops of yellow in the home.

Perfect for when all the green fades to deep reds and oranges outdoors.

Autumn doesn’t mean abandoning bright colors or florals. Bonus: The decadent, bold colors in this floral painting could definitely work year ’round in any space.

Go abstract instead of natural for an unexpected update.

add a fresh coat of paint

While painting the walls of your home is definitely a commitment, it doesn’t have to be. Choose a small accent wall in your home and commit to changing the hue seasonally or even just once a year. It will make your space feel totally refreshed and new.

We know fall paint trends. If painting shades of gray, green, navy, and dusty rose isn’t on your agenda, don’t let that stop you from being inspired by the colors of the season.

bring out—or invest in—dark linens

There’s nothing like a sumptuous linen tablecloth to get us excited for colder temperatures. Plus, it pairs well with pie… And basically every other comfort food. And dinner parties with friends and family. Need we continue?

Lighter linen hand towels and napkins aren’t just a summer thing. Blues, light grays, and stripes can transform from season to season when paired with different decor and dishes.

Let light, gray-blue hues replace your bright whites from summer.

This charcoal linen table cloth has us hungry for a seasonal cheeseboard.

Blush has a place in the home at every season.

mix decor styles

We get it, some rooms look and feel better when they’re decorated in only one style. But if you’re game for mixing styles, or adding a bit of a new one you’ve been meaning to try to our space, now is the time. After all, how will you ever know if a style is right for you if you don’t give it a try?

Replace more formal dining room chairs with modern-inspired shapes. (Just don’t forget to mix and match!)

Hanging up wall art that’s not framed traditionally will bring new life and personality to your home.

Take a chance on trendier decor, like a fun, unique neon light.

Bringing tropical vibes inside when the weather gets cold is perfectly acceptable, and maybe even a little transporting.

pay special attention to the details

It’s easy to think big picture when it comes to updating a space with the start of a new season. But you don’t have to do something dramatic like paint a wall. Instead, think small and change a small detail in one or all of your rooms. Adding tassels to drawer knobs, like you see here, is a small DIY update that maybe not everyone will notice, but YOU definitely will.

Update your home office space with these useful DIY projects. They’re small, but mighty.

add texture and warmth

This one’s a no-brainer. Putting away your light throws and adding heavier knits and cozy sheepskins instantly (and literally) warms up your space. Go the more unexpected route and opt for a faux fur pillow this year.

White, while perfect for summer, is at major risk of staining. Look instead to a darker gray-hued sheepskin as temperatures cool.

Navy-like hues pair well with whites in the summer, but also darker hues like a nice gray in the fall and winter.

Meet your new favorite throw pillow.

Black and white has a place in your home all year long. This heavier throw will be perfect for cozy movie nights inside or cocktails on the porch before the temperatures really drop.

swap out summer florals

You’ll know when it’s time to ditch the bright yellow and soft pastel florals of summer. Look for deeper, warmer shades of burgundy and cream to add an instant fall feeling to your home. Take note of the color palette of this entryway. We love how it can work for any season with the easy swap of a floral arrangement.

(We have a complete guide to decorating with florals in the fall.)

display different dishes


open shelving

in the kitchen isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you’re lucky enough to have space to store extra dishes, switch up which ones you’re displaying! Think dark neutrals and natural textures.

This black, matte mug is on our must-have list for fall.

Let the marbled finish of this bowl contrast your other solid-colored dishes.

For serving friends, of course!

We love the idea of a natural wood dining plate.