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November and December steal the lion’s share of tablesetting attention, but we’re only in September, and we want a gorgeous table… right now . Fall fêtes, feasts, and gatherings of all kinds deserve stunningly seasonal decor, and we’ve found plenty to get the ideas flowing. For example, the tablescape here uses gold tones to perfectly compliment a little lush green. We spy a fun DIY in those wine glasses, too…

Delicate, small accents can bring completeness to a table when a full, elaborate design seems too daunting. We love these relaxed linens and personal details. They also conveniently leave plenty of room for your sharable dishes (and bottles of wine) to fill the table, too. 

Fall is the ideal time to introduce rustic elements into your tablescape. It’s also okay to keep color to a minimum. Browns, greens, and the glow of candlelight will serve just fine. 

If you do crave color on the table during autumn, it’s the time for jewel tones. Deeply hued flowers and stately greens will provide eye-catching, Instagram-worthy wonder for the entire group. 

A closer shot of the tablescape in the previous slide, we love a jewel-toned candle atop gold candlesticks. They add a regal feeling that’s approachable.

Perhaps the best-ever use of an item hanging from the ceiling, we love the playful creativity here. If your home is without a sturdy beam to hang items from, galvanized buckets look just as good on the table, too. 

Plaid. Of course plaid. The trick to keeping plaid from looking like a Christmas flea market gone wrong is to pick a striking one, and use it sparingly. Keeping the rest of the table minimal allows the print itself to draw the table together. 

It’s okay if things take a moody, romantic turn, too. We love the “more is more” feel to this table, as well as the touch of roses in candlesticks. It offers a sense of the unexpected in a time where we think all we’ll see is pumpkins. 

You don’t have to say goodbye to crisp whites in fall, either. We love them layered over brown linen or butcher paper, and topped with a bit of seasonal flora. This layered look appears effortless and inviting. 

The bottom line is, your fall table can represent what fall is to you . If you like to bring tons of color to the table, keep it up when the leaves start to fall. Add cozy touches of comfort, some warm candlelight, and plenty of good company to create the tablescape that best suits your soiree. Happy fall.