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Setting a table for your next event can get a little, well, routine. Sometimes we need a little boost of inspiration that will turn an ordinary table setting into a conversation piece in a snap. To do this, you can easily add a few unique items to your tablescape that will make it unforgettable. From one-of-a-kind place cards to DIY table runners, here are 10 creative ideas that you can steal for your next celebration.

Whimsical Air Balloons

Take your ordinary balloons and give them a whimsical upgrade into tiny hot air balloons. Perfect for a garden party or outdoor celebration, this easy DIY project can be done with minimal supplies. Just create a net over the balloon and add a cute basket for the base. Fill the basket with flowers and you have an adorable centerpiece. The effect is so cute, your guests won’t be able to stop talking about them!

Instagram Place Cards

One way for your guests to feel welcome is to print out one of their Instagram posts and use it as a place card. Simply browse through each of your friend’s recent posts and print! You can choose photos to match a specific theme, like travel or the holidays. This conversation starter is great for bringing up great memories, and allowing each person in attendance to feel special.

Pillows for Seating

Having your guests sit on the floor is usually a no-no, but for relaxed get-togethers pillow seating is the perfect choice to make your guests feel extra cozy. Pick out your most stylish and comfortable pillows for an instant chair alternative. By sitting guests low to the ground, you can instantly create a fun and casual atmosphere. Pillow seating is also perfect for a winter fête by a roaring fire to keep the mood extra snuggly.

Fun with Fruit

Fruit is such an easy way to spruce up your table on a budget. You can find brightly colored seasonal fruit to match your color scheme right in the produce aisle. Styling the fruit is the fun part. You can pile them high in a vase or sprinkle them throughout the table. Mixing the fruit with flowers gives you an even more visually appealing effect. Plus, what’s better than an edible centerpiece?

All Gold Everything

Nothing is safe when it comes to gold spray paint. Find a few pieces of nature that would be perfect for a golden upgrade. Twigs, pinecones and pumpkins are great choices for fall festivities. By using gold on your table, it gives it a soft and feminine touch without being too expensive. With results this stunning, you will want to paint everything on your table gold!

Paint Swatch Decor

Next time you find yourself at a home improvement store grab a few paint swatches in your favorite colors. You can style them on your next table setting by cutting shapes and sprinkling them down the center as a colorful table runner. You can also use the raw swatches as place cards as seen in this table by Country Living. With so many colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

Writable Table Cloth

Using paper on your dinner table CAN be stylish! You can customize your tablecloth by writing your own menu, notes to guests and even individual place cards at each setting. Here the white chalk against the black paper is a perfect contrast to the bright colored flowers. Construction paper is also a great choice for casual celebrations and kid’s tables. Plus, the clean-up is a breeze!

Tile Placemat

For earthy or rustic occasions, change it up using stone tile squares as chic placemats. These are the same tiles that make their way into fireplaces and bathrooms, but can also double as a unique mat underneath your dinnerware. There are plenty of options available, from beachy pebbles to natural rocks. Your guests will surely want to steal this idea!

Faux Fur Fabulous

Whether for a table runner or to warm wine bottles, faux fur can add a touch of luxury to your next party. You can style furs you already have—or buy them inexpensively from places like IKEA—and layer them for a comfy look. Sometimes just adding a little bit of softness gives your table the right amount of texture needed to change it up. Furs are also great for battling the cold winter months, so they are perfect for the holidays!

Scrabble Place Cards

Not sure what do to with your old Scrabble letters? Why not turn them into custom place cards! This cute idea is perfect for casual occasions or kid’s parties. If you find yourself running out of letters, you can still use them as labels for condiments or to identify dishes on a buffet table.