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Whether you use Instagram for inspiration, to keep up with friends and family, or a bit of both, we know your guilty pleasure. Following cute animals. Maybe it’s one, a handful, or the majority if your feed. We’re not here to judge, we’re here to add even more adorable, feel good, cuddling animals to your feed. Keep reading for 21 of our favorites.


No cute animal list is complete without @thefatjewish‘s pup. The King Charles puppymill rescue has no teeth, which explains the tongue thing and the reason for her viral fame.


Pumpkin is a rescued Bahamian raccoon that lives with her rescue dog brothers—in a really nice home. It’s odd to see a raccoon cuddling on a sofa, but she looks so lovable it’s hard to not want a raccoon of your own.


This foxy looking Pomeranian is the gold standard of cuteness. Like unparalleled sweetness and charm.


You better believe this baby bunny is in good hands. Cleo’s mom is a food stylist and photographer, which means she’s hooked up with all the best fresh produce… Which also means we get an incredible amount of videos of Cleo being hand fed (aka, the only videos we want to watch on Instagram).


We hate to say it, but does it get ANY cuter than this? The answer is no. Lucas, born January 2016, is the most cuddly little puppy we’ve ever seen.


Do you remember seeing the Pomeranian Spice Latte? That was Stella! And to no surprise, she’s just as cute out of costume as she is in.


If adorable dogs and cats aren’t your thing, try following this domesticated squirrel! Jill is a three-year-old Hurricane Isaac rescue that looks like a cuddly, chill creature.


Marnie is another cute animal list classic. This old lady is a 14-year-old Shih Tzu was adopted at age 11 and rivals the appeal of even the most heartbreakingly adorable puppies.


This grayscale, grumpy looking cat always makes us wish we had a friend to fall asleep on our arm while we’re trying to do work.


Fact: Following farm animals is fun. Especially baby goats that are a part of a family that live in Australia.


There’s something about Corgis that make them so lovable. Geordi La Corgi is no exception, obviously. Look at this photo of him prancing across a sidewalk and tell me you don’t have a smile on your face.


Smoothie and brother Milkshake make the best duo. Their videos are hilarious and the captions will make you laugh even harder. Follow and pretend like you have two virtual cats.


We’re not squealing, you’re squealing.


These teeny tiny French bulldog sisters have a clear, chic aesthetic that makes us want to steal them even more.


If you’ve never considered adopting a hedgehog into your family until now, join the club. We can’t handle the cuteness.


Bennie is living the New England dream with his famous parents Sarah Vickers, the blogger behind Classy Girls Wear Pearls, and KJP, of American-made fashion and accessories, Kiel James Patrick. We’re jealous of both his lifestyle and his level of cuteness.


Mini pigs Pearl and Ruby are lucky enough to have a toddler best friend, Libby, which basically makes it impossible to not follow this adorable trio.


Grumpy Cat is iconic for being grumpy, but he’s lucky his less than pleased demeanor is also ridiculously delightful.


Follow this Frenchie, Milo, for the funniest, most expressive faces Instagram has ever seen. You can’t look at his feed and not smile. It’s impossible.


If mammals aren’t your weak spot, there are birds you can follow, too! The colors of their feathers are stunning and they live with a toddler. Game over.


This house is literally a home for five bulldogs: Fatty, Goofy, DannyBoy, Logan, and puppy Porkchop. Don’t blame us if you spend the next hour watching videos of them playing together.