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While we’d like to live in the plant-filled oases you see here, that isn’t always the reality now, is it? Whether you unintentionally kill every houseplant that enters your home (guilty) or you’re simply locked to your desk and are suffering from a bit of plantlife wanderlust, these Instagram accounts are here to help… in a major way.


This dreamy shelfie situation is just one of many whimsical displays you’ll find on this San Diego-based plant junkie’s account (think swoon-worthy reading nooks, hanging macrame nests, and cacti-topped surfaces).


Despite its tiny size, Danae and Bill Horst’s charming Pasadena, CA shop has plenty of botanical eye candy to go around. With chic, plant-friendly goods—like metallic misters, ceramic air plant cradles, and seagrass baskets—also on the scene, their feed is a lesson in caring for your leafy greens in style.


It’s okay if your friends don’t get your foliage obsession: This ever-growing community of fellow plant fiends will. A digital hub for exclusively green spaces and places, this not-so-ordinary club is one you’ll want to join ASAP. 


Fuel your cravings for all things tiny by showing this succulent-focused feed some love. Itty-bitty greenery aside, you’ll also find tricks and tips for keeping your low-maintenance friends alive.


We’re kind of big fans of this local NYC plant shop. For starters, they’re experts on plants (and taught us how to keep our fiddle leaf figs and our monsteras alive) and their Instagram feed is awe-inspiring. Seriously.


We want to live in this Portland, Oregon plant shop (which is definitely not allowed). A close second? Following them on Instagram and receiving daily updates like this cute cactus and succulent mix.


If you want to see houseplants styled in a real home, follow Janneke Luursema, an Amsterdam-based photographer whose feed regularly takes our breath away. 


This account aims to deliver daily botanical inspiration to all, which it does very, very well. Follow for stunning interior and exterior pics of plant-saturated spaces. 


Justina Blakeney has created a movement around bohemian-inspired living (surf her hashtag, #jungalowstyle, to see for yourself). Lucky for us, this means lots of beautiful photos of plants. 


It’s a simple phenomenon: plants photographed against pink. What more could we really ask for?


The only word to describe this Cincinnati plant shop is cool. Their minimalist aesthetic and on-trend pots and accessories make this account worthy of a follow (and a visit, if you’re ever in town!).


This account is filled with equal parts plant life, minimalist interiors, and desert wanderlust—most times, all in a single photo. We’re more than a little obsessed.


Don’t let their handle fool you. Solabee Flowers, based in Portland, Oregon, deals with both florals and botanicals… because why limit yourself to just one type of plant life?


With six shops spread throughout Japan and one NYC outpost, it’s clear plant artist Satoshi Kawamoto knows what he’s doing. Follow along with his stateside location, which also sells vintage and consignment clothing and accessories, for all the inspiration.


Based in the Netherlands, this studio (of styling, graphic design, concepts, and photography) focuses on simplicity. The minimalist aesthetic of this account can’t be beat.


If you want to add some plants to your home but don’t know where to start, start here. Expect to see interior after interior filled thoughtfully with green life. 


Joliu is both a plant shop and a coffee shop—and it’s located in Spain, making it that much cooler. Time to book a ticket overseas? 


Darryl Cheng recently copped up to owning 15 snake plants, which means he knows (and loves) green. Be sure to follow if you’re interested in the scientific classifications of plants, not just their nicknames.


Seeking a regular reminder that plants (both close up and far away) are beautiful? Look no further. Tula House, a plant shop with a showroom in Brooklyn and a traveling truck/mobile greenhouse dubbed “Tulita”, has you covered.


Follow along with the adventures of Toronto-based, green thumb hopeful Jeannie Phan. Expect to see more green in your feed and learn a little something in the process.


This SoCal blog for plant lovers brings plants captured through the lens of travel to the forefront of your feed… Which means a whole lot of plants in the wild, aka their natural habitat.

This story was originally published on January 24, 2017. It has been updated with new information. 

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