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Pumpkin the raccoon is a curious bundle of fur that loves to show her 617,000 Instagram followers around her gorgeous home in the Bahamas. Rescued as a baby, Pumpkin loves to show her humans (and two doggy best friends) her love and affection by making them pieces of artwork and eating all their delicious food.

Take an inside look into Pumpkin’s home and (hopefully) get a few interior design ideas along the way.

One of Pumpkin’s favorite relaxing spots is on the couch — preferably surrounded by her four-legged BFF’s.

Pumpkin the raccoon knows the importance of getting a full eight hours of sleep, don’t try to drag her out of bed before then!

Pumpkin’s all-white kitchen is the epitome of gorgeous. And, can we talk about the backsplash for a moment? Stunning!

Pumpkin can’t start the day without a cup of her favorite tea — poured into her favorite tea cup.

Pumpkin likes to help her humans make yummy treats for the whole family.

The beloved pet loves to eat off her owner’s best china — because why not?

This curious critter loves to investigate each and every straw bag hanging in her entryway.

Pumpkin loves to surround herself with tons of greenery.

Perhaps the most stunning aspect of Pumpkin’s home is her backyard. Complete with a beach view, who wouldn’t want to have breakfast out here every day?

Pumpkin knows the importance of an outdoor bar cart.

Baby Pumpkin loved to swing in her cozy wooden hanging chair.

Follow more of Pumpkin’s home adventures on her Instagram.