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by Bailey Swilley

Don’t forget your best friend when you come up with a cool-down plan during the scorching summer months.

ice pack bandana

This one’s pretty simple! Tie up or sew a cool pack into your pup’s bandana for a quick cool-down after a hot walk.

frosty watermelon dog treats
These also double as something we want to eat ourselves at our next picnic. Yummy!

blueberry and flax seed pupsicles
You start your day with a morning smoothie, so why shouldn’t he? Give your dog the fiber and healthy oils that you love, too!

dog bar
Summer scorchers call for more than a measly bowl of water for your favorite furry friend. Build a mini-bar (or stylish trough) so he can quench his thirst whenever he needs during a day of play.

diy dog cool-off pad
Sew ice packs into this blanket and take to your next park picnic for when your puppy’s tuckered out from catching frisbees.

doghouse with shade
Is your canine the life of the party? Have a puppy party in this little cabana or just let your doggie have his own backyard sanctuary.

diy ice cube dog treats
Dog biscuits get kind of dry sometimes. We wouldn’t know, but can only imagine. These iced broth cubes solve the problem.

pumpkin banana frozen pup pops
We know you love pumpkin spice, but try not to steal these pup pops from your pooch’s stash!

homemade doggie ice cream
Use silicon cupcake molds to portion out these peanut buttery treats for your favorite doggie.

greek yogurt pops with banana and peanut butter
Use a chewy bone as the stick for these fun cup-shaped popsicles.

frozen coconut oil and blueberry dog treats
Coconut oil is great for your pooch’s coat and digestion, plus these babies can aid in cleaning their mouths and teeth. They’ll love them and won’t even know they’re technically “health food!”

dog wading pool
Don’t forget your pooch when you start thinking about backyard cool-down options This custom pool is absolutely adorable. (Can we get one in people-size)?

diy frozen apple dog treats
Apple frozen yogurt? Why haven’t they made this stuff for humans?

bone-shaped dog pool
Really any shape will do, but there’s something about a poochified pool… What a life.

frozen toy bowl
At first your dog might think, “WHY would you do this to my toys?!” but after cools down, he’ll be your best friend again.