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If you can tackle only one renovation before selling your home, choose painting (it’s one of the few upgrades that practically pays for itself). The average interior paint job costs $385, but that can translate to $5,000 back in your pocket when you move. Why? A new analysis from Zillow that drew on survey responses from nearly 1,300 recent or prospective buyers reveals that people are willing to spend more on a house that has the right bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom colors from the get-go. Read on for the swatches to try—and the one that could potentially hurt your home’s value. 

Do: Go Sky Blue in the Bathroom

This hue has the potential to bump up a home’s sale price by $4,700 (people surveyed said they’d be willing to pay 1.6 percent more than expected). It’s easy to see why: It’s got that soothing touch while still appearing bright (no one wants to do their makeup in a superdark space). 

Don’t: Paint Your Kitchen Mint Green


Shades of green are all the rage in kitchens these days, but mint doesn’t quite strike the same note with buyers as, say, popular sage. According to Zillow, homes with this spring green hue sell for almost $2,000 less than expected. Consider playing it on the safer side with a warm white or cream tone like Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore or Whisper by Dunn-Edwards.

Do: Opt for a Dark Blue Bedroom

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Moody, dark blue bedrooms were associated with a $1,491 sale premium, but deep charcoal gray and rich forest green also received positive scores from respondents. So go ahead, bring the drama in this zen space.