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Let’s be honest: We all have, at least once in our life, cringed at the sight of a dated yellow kitchen cabinet or a bathroom painted in absolutely not relaxing orange while browsing Zillow. The truth is, certain paint colors can skew a potential home buyer’s perspective about a place (and not necessarily for the better). In Zillow’s latest research, real-estate agents agreed that any room painted in bright pink, bright green, or bright purple should be repainted.  

On the bright side, upping your home’s value is as easy as painting your walls in a few specific hues. Zillow also found that depending on the color you choose, it could increase the value by up to $5,000. To make your choice even simpler, Behr Paint curated a new paint palette of 12 shades based on the same report to help you get the best potential return on your investment when you sell. 

In the Bathroom: Light Blues Are Your Go-Tos

It’s all about relaxing hues in the spot where you start and end your day. According to Zillow, neutral and delicate colors such as pastel greens are favored most by buyers. A sky blue like Ethereal Mood in particular could potentially increase your home’s value by nearly $5,000.   

In the Kitchen: Keep It Simple

Classic white remains the most popular for the kitchen (even trendy green can’t compete). A color like Polar Bear could equal an extra $600 in value. If you’re not into the look of a snowy kitchen, beige and gray tones have a similar effect. 

In the Bedroom: Make It a Sanctuary

Contrary to other rooms in your house, darker colors like deep blues and grayed blues (Adirondack Blue is our favorite) work well in a bedroom: Their soothing tones will help you wind down from your day. A shade such as Sojourn Blue may boost your home’s value by almost $1,500.  

In the Living Room: Grays and Beiges Let You Dream Big

Subdued colors act as a blank canvas, allowing potential buyers to envision a space of their own. A versatile light gray like Silvermine could add $200 in value to your property.