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News flash: Selling a house is a lot more complicated and time-consuming than listing a worn-down dresser on Craigslist or auctioning off prized vintage records from the comfort of your front yard. Parting ways with property can take months—even years—often putting homeowners in a rut. Luckily, Zillow wants to speed up the process.

The online real estate market place recently launched Zillow Offers, a program designed to help homeowners offload their abodes at the drop of a hat. After prospective sellers answer a short questionnaire about their space and snap a few photos, the Zillow Offers team will calculate a cash offer within a few business days. While there’s no wiggle room for negotiation once the price has been set, sellers can choose to accept the offer, pick a convenient closing date, and—most importantly—pack up. From there, Zillow handles the inspections, renovations, and resale. 

The hassle-free solution addresses the major pain points of putting a home on the market, including paying for staging, making any long-forgotten repairs, and negotiating with indecisive buyers. The downside? Not all homes will be eligible (the program is currently only available in eight markets). If that’s the case and you’re looking for a fuss-free process, these three tips will save any sellers on a time crunch.

Be strategic about when you list

According to a consumer housing trends report from Zillow, the best day of the week to list a home is on Saturdays when page views skyrocket. The best time of the year to list your home? The first week of April. Time to hop to it.

Invest in good photography

Considering most buyers today shop for real estate online, a home’s web appeal is just as important as its curb appeal. According to Thumbtack’s economist Lucas Puente, featuring high-quality, staged listing photos and videos can boost your home’s virtual appeal and help it stand out in a competitive crowd.

Embrace symmetrical layouts

Brooklyn’s most prolific home staging duo—Porter and Hollister Hovey—are chock-full of temporary decorating ideas. Their hottest tip for making a home look move-in ready? Symmetry. Centered furniture and art will go over well with the masses. 

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