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The fact that we have a slight obsession with beautifully patterned tiles should come as no surprise to anyone. Given the sheer variety of options out there, finding a tile that complements your space, regardless of style or aesthetic, has never been easier. While there’s an ever-growing range of traditional choices on the market—not to mention the constantly revolving slew of trendy alternatives to boot—every once in a while, one particular pattern emerges as the breakout look of the season.

More often than not, it will encompass a bold color scheme, a riveting pattern, or a throwback we can’t help but embrace. And lately, we’ve come across a number of homes bearing a tile that is as unique as it is captivating. Read on to get the lowdown on the tile trend that’s already making its mark in the design world—and the inspired array of ways you can bring it home.

The tile of the moment is by Popham Design, and it boasts a unique finish that beautifully skirts the line between abstract and modern. Handmade in Morocco, the concrete tile has a cutout-inspired motif, which begs for a layout that is about as customizable as they come.

We spotted the trendy tile in this dreamy surf lodge situated in Martha’s Vineyard, where it instantly stood out as the backsplash behind the stove, featured in a custom aqua colorway. Instantly uplifting the otherwise neutral scheme of the kitchen and complementing the soft wooden details above, it proves the powerful effect just a hint of color can have on a space.

In a more dramatic rendition, here’s a classic black and white version, designated for the flooring in this charming San Francisco abode. What would have once been a neutrally inclined space is transformed into a statement-worthy scene courtesy of the print that lays the groundwork. Capturing the eye with its daring finish, the palette instills an element of depth to the bathroom that runs relatively smaller in scale. Consider this a lesson in packing a small space with a bold punch.

Can you imagine a dreamier backdrop? Use the Kelly tile for a bare wall, in lieu of paint, and allow it to stand in as the room’s focal point. The accentuated qualities of the tile, coupled with the abstract delicacies of the pattern, will invite a defined characteristic to any room it graces—regardless of stylistic direction. When working with a patterned tile as bold as this, you can rely on a more light-handed approach to the decorative features of the space. Think of this as a green-light to embracing a minimalist scheme, sans having to run the risk of compromising on style or visual interest.

When it comes to pairing the tile with color, consider a primary palette. Opting for the blue or aqua finish? Saturated reds and bright yellows will invite a vibrant contrast that will result in an unparalleled look. Utilize the accented hues sparingly—think along the lines of textural pieces or furnishings that skew smaller in size.

We’re loving the idea of embracing this pattern as a rad backdrop for the kitchen. Can we all agree that it’s time to retire the marble and subway tile backsplashes in favor of an alternative that delivers on both color and style? Featured here in an alluring shade of forest green, the depth-defining palette promises a well-deserved departure from the standard slew of options one may come to expect from a backsplash. As for the complementary elements, elevate the tonal duo with contemporary fixtures and a marble countertop to naturally offset the busy nature of the motif.

Every entryway needs an accented moment or focal point, and we cannot think of a better way to go about it than with an eye-catching floor tile. Here, the Kelly tile shines amidst the architecturally charged elements of the beautifully designed entry, where the structural mix of lustrous metallics and matte black moments delicately frame the flooring instead of overshadowing it. A natural fit aside the gray walls, the two-tone scheme comprised of the tiles and wooden floors establishes a daring moment that will make the ultimate first impression.


Popham Design’s Kelly tile is available via Ann Sacks