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Far be it from us to speak ill of the Swedish flat packing wizard that is Ikea… but while we love the brand’s affordability, we don’t always love that its pieces occasionally reflect that. And while we’re not in the business of abandoning reasonably priced furniture, there are easy tweaks you can make to take your standard

ikea items

to the next level.

DIY is always a great option for making something look custom, but luckily for those of us less gifted in the crafts department, there are several companies out there making those at-home projects a little easier. From hardware to textiles, these are the brands to know if you’re interested in upgrading your

cheap furniture

or decor. Best of all, no one will be able to tell your home goods are from Ikea. Because mild deception is okay when it’s in the name of affordable decor, right?


Pegged (literally) as “curvy shoes for your

ikea furniture

” this website has furniture fronts with subtle geometric shapes engraved in them and contemporary knobs in both wood and metal material for an easy cabinet upgrade. But the coolest thing Prettypegs offers is a plethora of funky furniture legs. Choose from vibrant colors to minimalist metals and upgrade your tables or sofas in no time.


Superfront is another company specializing in fronts, knobs, and legs, and this global brand is sure to sate all your minimalist modern design dreams. Created especially to breathe new life into the iconic Pax wardrobes and Bestå cabinets, each design is simple, relying on etched shapes to elevate the solid color. There’s even a new greige line, for those of you who stand firmly in favor of the color.


In need of a living room refresh but don’t want to splurge on a whole new set of furniture? Bemz offers custom slipcovers for Ikea sofas, which is pretty much the easiest (and most cost-efficient) way to give your space a makeover without doing anything dramatic or permanent. Be sure to get your free sample before committing to ensure you like the fabric and IRL look of the material.


Overlays produces vintage-looking panels for which the main draw is how easily you can further customize them. Each piece is both paintable and resizable, so you can truly DIY the wardrobe cover of your Pinterest dreams. Another differentiator between Overlays and other Ikea-upgrading companies is that you can actually purchase furniture kits directly via the site; head to the “furniture kits” section to choose which Ikea collection you want to personalize and decide which of the corresponding overlays works best for it.


Specifically geared towards Ikea’s Metodkitchen cabinets, Plykea is a great option for anyone in search of that natural, minimalist look. The plywood coverings are sturdy and well-made, perfectly cut to fit exactly the cabinet drawer or door you’re trying to update. We love it for the simplicity of the design, which lends itself to either a pared back neutral aesthetic or works well as the base for more vibrant colors.

Cover Couch

Admittedly, the website itself isn’t super user-friendly… but what Cover Couch’s site lacks in style, it more than makes up for in variety. There’s literally a slipcover for every potential Ikea item you may want to spruce up: From cushion covers to armchair covers to sofa covers to even bedding, you’ll have no shortage of options for your furniture refresh. Plus, there’s free shipping. Just saying.


MyIkea has selected a group of Ikea’s most popular furniture items—with heavy emphasis on the Expedit bookcase, the Malm dresser, the Lack coffee table, the Billy bookcase, and the Malm bed—and designed special “covers” to personalize them that really look more like artwork. This is because they are: Each design is created by a MyIkea artist. The vinyl stickers are ideal for those with a quirkier decor sense, and are far less of a commitment than painting directly on the furniture. And while we recommend going through one of the pre-made designs, you can also design your own cover if you’re feeling particularly artsy.

Comfort Works

Specializing in custom slipcovers, Comfort Works is actually suitable for brands besides Ikea, like Pottery Barn and Muji. If it’s a fresh look for your Scandi sofa you’re after, however, worry not. Each cover is beautifully handmade, easy to wash, and uber chic. They even have options to fit discontinued Ikea models—and, as an added incentive, they ship free worldwide.


With options for every room in the house, Panyl is a great resource if you’re looking for a larger-scale home refresh. It can best be described as peel-and-stick wallpaper for every furniture surface in your home; except it actually looks realistic and not at all cheap. Buy it in bulk in a variety of colors or woodgrain textures for a stress-free DIY you can do in minutes.

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