6 Lights We’re Seeing Everywhere (And What Your Favorite Says About You)

If you love limewash walls, you'll love this fixture.

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living room with stone fireplace
Photography by Jennifer Hughes; Design by Surrounded by Color; Styling by Jen Levy

Take a look at the homes you’ve saved on Instagram and Pinterest lately. Notice anything? During this exercise, what struck me most was how many of the same lighting fixtures I saw over and over and over again—and not in a bad way. If anything, it made me believe in the versatility of both the vintage classics and newer designs. And it begs the question: What makes a certain design an It fixture worthy of prominent placement in the coolest homes?

Nailing a mix of form and function certainly doesn’t hurt—the light has to be pretty to look at and effective at providing a moody glow. Then it ticks other key buckets: timeless shape, texture, and in some cases, color. Keep reading to learn more about the six we’re seeing absolutely everywhere.

The Noguchi Lantern

Where to buy it: Noguchi Shop.

What this light says about you: You want to make a statement, but not with color—rather with a neutral, natural orb. You’re attracted to universally loved shapes that have iconic staying power and can be styled in various ways in your current and future homes.

How to style it in a space: You’ll most commonly see paper lantern–style lights over a dining table. The ambient filtered light really sets the scene for a cozy dinner party. It also works in a living room; just make sure to hang it above your line of sight when sitting and standing.

Other similar alternatives you might like: Though Noguchi popularized paper lanterns in modern design, similar lightweight shades are available to shop on virtually any budget. Try: Regolit by IKEA and Rice Paper Shade by Hay.

Akari 50F, The Noguchi Shop ($350)

Rice Paper Shade, HAY ($89)

The Pinch Pendant Lamp

Where to buy it: Pinch London.

What this light says about you: If you don’t already have a collection of cashmere blankets and limewash walls, you want them. You crave a softer, more organic space to retreat to. This includes flowy shapes and earthy materials that help create a welcoming, elegant home.

How to style it in a space: This light often serves as the finishing touch to a refined room. The delicate silhouette and pleated fabric can be used to soften an otherwise contemporary bathroom or complement other natural textures. 

Other similar alternatives you might like: Look for a soothing color or similar texture to bring this look home. Try: Dancing Pendant by Audo Copenhagen, Lia Pendant Light with Shade by Crate & Barrel, Swirl Pendant Light by Ray Power, and Ilka Pendant Wave Ceiling Light by Abode Jungle.

Anders Light (Medium), Pinch ($2,000)

Ilka Wave Ceiling Light, Abode Jungle ($265)

Serge Mouille Wall Lamp

dark green bed
Photography by Tim Lenz; Styling by Mariana Macki-Matos

Where to buy it: New from Design Within Reach and France & Son or vintage from 1stDibs.

What this light says about you: You live by the motto “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” You prefer classic, practical shapes and modern, angular accents—and guess what? It works wonderfully for you. 

How to style it in a space: What makes this design so iconic is its ability to provide both ambient and focused light. Most wall-mounted pendants feature adjustable arms and lamps that also swivel. Opt for a three-arm ceiling fixture, two-arm design for your office or dining room, and single-arm sconces for your bedroom.

Other similar alternatives you might like: This silhouette has inspired so many equally beautiful and sensible designs. Bonus: Many are plug-in and renter-friendly. Try: Mantis Swivel Wall Sconce by CB2, Brendle Double Pin-Up by Rejuvenation, and Curvilinear Mid-Century Sconce by West Elm.

Serge Mouille Two-Arm Wall Sconce, DWR ($5,995)

Curvilinear Mid-Century Sconce, West Elm (from $183)

Brass Pharmacy Floor Lamp

white sofas with dark rug
Photography by Kiva Brent

Where to buy it: This style was popularized before the turn of the 20th century, and you can find many vintage and new options.

What this light says about you: Anything old-timey speaks to you. You have a corner nook where you read books—no Kindles allowed. You don’t like to identify with just one design style; your bathroom vanity gives apothecary vibes (in the best way) and you’re not ashamed to be a homebody.

How to style it in a space: This belongs in a living room, an office, or really any cozy corner where you need direct light. Opt for a task lamp next to your desk or a pair on each side of your sofa. Let the burnished brass finish fade into the background with your other neutrals or pick a polished version for more of an eye-catching statement.

Other similar alternatives you might like: Look for a lamp with adjustable height to ensure your light hits just right. Try: O’Bright Dimmable LED Pharmacy Floor Lamp from Amazon, Tate Metal Task Floor Lamp from Pottery Barn, Fleming Antique Brass Floor Lamp from Crate & Barrel, and Kenyon Task Floor Lamp from Visual Comfort & Co.

O’Bright Dimmable LED Pharmacy Floor Lamp, Amazon ($70)

Tate Metal Task Floor Lamp, Pottery Barn ($399)

Caprani Floor Lamp

leather sofa with colorful rug
Photography by Emily Andrews; Styling by Elaina Sullivan

Where to buy it: Danish designer Mads Caprani’s iconic Timberline floor lamp is now produced by Gubi, but you can find vintage ones on sites like Chairish.

What this light says about you: Trends are appealing to you, but you also like enduring shapes and items you’ll keep for years to come. You’re committed to curvy furniture and decor in a cool, not overplayed way, and you love a mid-century–inspired color palette.

How to style it in a space: Repeat after us: This lamp belongs in a living room corner, preferably placed next to a vintage sofa. 

Other similar alternatives you might like: The resurgence of this lamp brought a renewed interest in pleated shades, which nobody is mad about. Try: Matin Table Lamp by Hay, Flores Floor Lamp by Crate & Barrel, Curve Floor Lamp by Soho Home, and Squiggle Floor Lamp by Vakkerlight.

Timberline Floor Lamp by Mads Caprani, Gubi ($1,199)

Squiggle Floor Lamp, Vakkerlight ($305)

Verner Panton Flowerpot Pendant Lamp

Where to buy it: The year 1968 gave us Verner Panton’s Flowerpot, available as a table and floor lamp or pendant in fresh colors by &Tradition.

What this light says about you: You’re a maximalist, but you already knew that, didn’t you? Even though you don’t live in Denmark, you’re heavily influenced by Scandinavian culture. Chances are, you have at least one powder-coated steel pastel item in your home as well as a statement piece of clothing from Ganni.

How to style it in a space: Pick a spot that is as fun to be in as this light is to look at. Think: the kitchen or a kid’s room.

Other similar alternatives you might like: Curved lines and lacquered metal designs are aplenty. Try: Arcs Shade by Hay, Ray Pendant Lamp by Schoolhouse, and Modern Cone Pendant Light 3-Pack from Amazon.

Flowerpot Pendant, u0026Tradition ($445)

Ray Pendant, Schoolhouse ($360)

Alyssa Clough


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