Published on December 4, 2018

We search endlessly for the perfect kitchen table, couch, and wallpaper until we find one that brings joy, but there are a few basic items that tend to fly under the radar. Namely, your trash can. Even though it holds rubbish, your garbage can doesn’t need to look like trash too. It turns out that you can do better than the standard version that’s practically invisible.

Life is too short to have an ugly garbage can in your home—these nine stylish yet practical finds are just what you need.

Rebin, MoMA Design Store, $48

Give your recycling some nobility with this clever recycled plastic kitchen bin. It’s meant to mimic the look of a paper grocery bag, so it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it also is incredibly useful. Simply put your paper bag inside the bin for a discreet look. Sleek and useful, leave it MoMA to make a traditionally “boring” item cool.

Courtesy of Design Within Reach

Risom Wastebasket, Design Within Reach, $195

Credited as one of the godfathers of mid-century design, Jens Risom designed this wastebasket in the 1960s. It may look simple, but it has a twist—Risom focused on a simple wood shell with a slimmer, subtle plastic base, which looks like it’s levitating. It’s practically museum-worthy.

Formbu Wastebasket, InterDesign, $23.70

A sleek, Japanese-esque bamboo bin for less? It can be done! This basket is also compact, making it ideal for small spaces or tricky areas, like bathrooms.

Corsa Wastebasket, Umbra, $30.52

If modern is more your speed, then glance at this chic, matte wastebasket. Made of a sturdy, easy-to-wipe-down plastic, this option is also incredibly long-lasting. It’s cleverly compact, too, so it’s ideal for a discreet look.

Rin Slim Trash Can, Yamazaki, $49.99

The wooden lid on this minimalist plastic bin adds a subtle design element that elevates it from the normal, everyday trash can. It also a purpose, too, as it has a ring inside the lid, which can hold your trash liner so that you won’t see the bag from outside.

Step Trash Can, Brabantia, $71.94

We don’t mean to play favorites here, but this Dutch brand has made the most extraordinary, beautifully designed (and color-schemed) trash can around. Dare we say it’s like the Gisele of the trash can world? The unusual colors (we’re partial to Moss Green) are made to be seen. Its beauty is not just plastic-deep though: For each purchase made, Brabantia makes a donation to support ocean cleanup.

Trash Can, Erpa, $250

If you want your trash can to last a lifetime, this one, which is handmade in a small workshop in Germany, is for you. The classic, sleek, enamel-coated exterior comes in two color options: navy and eggshell, and it proudly showcases the brand’s signature logo front and center. Designed in 1928, this design proves what’s old is new again.  

Como Trash Can, Yamazaki, $36.97

For those who want their trash can to be seen, this mint-colored cutie is perfect. The plastic base comes with a movable handle, which adds an interesting focal point to the smaller-size bin. Praise be for a trash can that isn’t an eyesore.

Voice Command Trash Can, Simplehuman, $199.99

If you want your voice to be heard—specifically by your trash can—this high-tech version has your name written all over it. The voice-command bin is made possible with voice-recognition technology, and it can also open by the wave of your hand thanks to the infrared sensory fields.