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Ask the novice cook what their number one pain point is in the kitchen and chances are, it’ll have something to do with maintaining proper temperature controls. In layman’s terms: avoiding burning the very dish you just spent hours trying to whip up.

The good news is, there is a way to control that. Enter the Hestan Cue cooktop from Café: an app-guided cooking system here to disrupt the way we approach the standard scope of culinary endeavors.

Here’s how it works:

The three-part system is comprised of a smart Induction Burner, smart cookware (specialty pots and pans), and the Cue app. The stand-alone burner serves as the foundation of the system, which connects the app and cookware via Bluetooth, resulting in a fully-integrated combination built with the intention of providing you with a seamless cooking experience.

To start, you select from an arsenal of video-guided recipes from the Cue app—and mind you, these aren’t just any recipes. They vary by difficulty, meal type, and even cooking techniques. Sautéing, searing, poaching…you name it, they have it. Dishes sourced from the kitchens of the world’s best chefs and food scientists are integrated within the app along with instructional videos for professional-grade plating techniques.

After selecting the recipe of your choice comes the fun part: actually cooking it. Both the pan and the cooktop feature built-in heat sensors, which adjust accordingly as you make your way through each recipe. The guided process features a signature element of precision control, which settles down to both exact temperature controls and even the heat levels.

The immediate response between the three integral components of the system results in a seamless process that boils down to simple science.

Michelin-star level cooking with a virtually foolproof course of action? It can’t quite possibly get easier than that. Check it out for yourself at CafeAppliances.com.