Published on January 13, 2019

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courtesy of Muji

The recommendation originally traveled my way like a piece of gossip, spread through the office at an old job.

“Do you have one?”

“I have one too!”

“Oh, you should get one.”

In a single minute, I had realized that at least three of my coworkers owned the same doughnut-shaped toothbrush holder from Muji, and it had, allegedly, changed their lives.

I quickly found my way to Muji to pick up one for myself, opting for the plain white version. Since that purchase, about three years later, it has remained one of the best things I’ve ever done for my bathroom.

Now available in eight different hues (white, pink, yellow, blue, gray, green, clear, and frosted glass), the $5.50 stand is simple in design and yet it’s also aesthetically pleasing and happens to be highly functional: Without adding an unsightly, bulky stand to the edge of your sink, it holds your toothbrush upright, out of the way of germs and water splashes.

I keep mine in my bathroom vanity, propping my toothbrush upright and away from the grime that manages to form on bathroom shelves no matter how often you clean. Because the holder has a cut-out center, it prevents water from pooling inside too. All you have to do is give it a good wipe-down every so often to keep it looking pristine.

While I love the minimalist look of an all-white toothbrush nestled inside the white holder, it can fit virtually any toothbrush you’d like to use—even a more high-tech one. Domino wellness editor Kristin Limoges attests to the Muji toothbrush holder’s compatibility with her Quip toothbrush, keeping it clean and upright.

This kind of bathroom accessory shouldn’t feel as revolutionary as it does. Surely, you may think, it would be enough to put my toothbrush in a cup or just to lay it on top of the sink or even to use a built-in holder. To that, I simply say: no.

Not only does this holder prevent the bristles of your toothbrush from touching gross surfaces, but it also just feels… special. It’s precisely the kind of thing that you might not even think about buying while in-store, but when you do, it becomes immediately useful and delightful.

When it comes down to it, this one-time buy solved a problem that I didn’t necessarily spend a ton of time thinking about, and in doing so, it elevated a twice-daily routine in a way that required little money and hardly any effort. It’s a purchase that works exponentially harder than you’d expect—and it comes in the insanely pleasing form of a cute little doughnut.

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