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You’ve ordered reusable straws. You’ve stopped relying on K-Cups for your morning brew. You’ve relegated Ziploc baggies to the same vault of relics as velour tracksuits—a metaphorical safe of past mistakes you vow to never repeat. By now, we’re all acquainted with alternatives to single-use plastics, like beeswax food wrappers and nontoxic silicone bags. But while reducing our use of those one-off products is definitely important, it’s equally crucial to cut back on all plastic—and at home, the biggest offender is the kitchen.

Between the spatulas you use every day and the baking equipment you need for your summer galettes, it’s super-easy for plastic to creep into everyday cooking. The answer doesn’t lie in immediately tossing all plastic and buying sustainable replacements. However, as you start to build out your kitchen tool arsenal and look to replace broken equipment, look to eco-friendly products first. These nine items are so stylish, the fact that they’re sustainable is almost an afterthought; proof that being green doesn’t mean sacrificing utility or good design.

The everyday spoons

Five Two Wooden Spoons, Food52 ($25+)

Buy this set of wooden spoons and you’ll never have to buy another. This variety pack has a spoon for every occasion, from draining liquids to stirring sauces. Keep them bundled together in a tall ceramic vase on your counter to add some farmhouse-style eye candy to your kitchen.


The seasoning essentials

Coral Bottle Grinders (Set of 2)
Coral Bottle Grinders (Set of 2), Menu ($75)

Pro tip: Buy salt and pepper in bulk, then decant into these rosy pink grinders. Not only will this cut down on plastic usage, but you’ll also save money in the long run.

The hydration station

Ceramic Water Filter, Walter ($385)

Put that money that you saved toward an investment kitchen piece, like this ceramic water filter. An alternative to plastic pitchers, it will serve as motivation to stay hydrated, offer the purest water, and double as a sculptural art piece in a corner of the room.


The all-purpose spatula

Stainless Steel Flexible Turner, OXO ($9)

Swap your rubber utensil for this stainless-steel spatula and never look back. One Domino editor calls it her holy grail kitchen tool—and given its versatility (not to mention unbeatable price point), it’s easy to see why.

The Technicolor bowls

Pastel Nesting Bowls, MoMA Design Store ($70)

With options this colorful on the market, there’s no reason to settle for a basic plastic mixing bowl. Made from durable bamboo fiber and available in a rainbow of hues, the set is perfect for the frequent baker. Or at least, the Great British Bake Off enthusiast who swears she’ll get into baking soon.

The food storage vessels

10-Piece Glass Storage Set, Pyrex ($63)

Dishwasher, oven, microwave, and freezer-safe, these Pyrex containers are the only food storage tools you need. If you’re big on make-ahead dinners and meal prepping, they’ll be in constant rotation in your culinary escapades.

The colorful colander

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 5.51.15 PM
Sea Glass Large Colander, Golden Rabbit ($45)

It’s time to retire that plastic $2 IKEA strainer you bought for your college apartment; Golden Rabbit’s splatter paint options are worthy of being hung on display. Bring a pop of pattern to your utility rack with this aqua-hued piece.


The minimalist measuring cups

Measuring Cup Set, Ekobo ($14)

Featuring a sleek design (save for its punchy hues), this measuring cup set will take up barely any space in your kitchen cupboard and prove a sustainable alternative to regular plastic measurement tools. They’re made from bamboo fiber, but can go in the dishwasher for easy cleanup post-holiday cookie making.

The spice rack accessories

3 oz. Glass Spice Bottle, The Container Store ($2)

Buy your spices in bulk and separate them into these simple glass containers. The uniform style will make your spice rack look 10 times more elevated—plus, you’ll be able to see exactly how low you’re running on turmeric.  

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