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This Playful Pattern Will Remind You of Your Kindergarten Art Class

Perfect for summer.

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We are experiencing a collective bout of nostalgia. First came the lamps that look like science experiments, then the furry chair pets crawled in; either way, our progressing penchant for the playful is undeniable. Maybe this is because in turbulent times, we have a society-wide need for comfort and are taking to decor as an emotional Band-Aid of sorts.

Or maybe we should quit philosophizing and see this simply for what it is: a movement to embrace the fun, the weird, and the personal. After all, everyone’s taste is informed by their own experiences, and the newest design trend seeks to draw on one very specific experience in particular: kindergarten art class. Splatter paint decor, from slapdash speckles to potential Pollock-ing, is seemingly everywhere. This nostalgic style is cheery and bright, the perfect way to bring a bit of summer playfulness home if you’re not totally sold on yellow.

Ahead, our favorite painterly products for making a childhood favorite a little more contemporary.

For the aspirational Alison Roman

A two-tone serving tray is the ultimate entertaining essential. Used for aperitivo hour and serving smaller sides (the lip on the side prevents spilling), this multifunctional tool does it all—and it does it with a splash of vibrant color, no less. If your role at dinner parties tends to be that of a guest, this plate also makes an excellent hostess gift.

For the mug collector

If you could run an Etsy shop out of your kitchen funded solely by your expansive collection of mugs, we’re here to fuel your addiction. Each of these handmade pieces includes some light speckling action; which, when pitted against the abstract shapes adorning their exterior, makes for the ultimate in pattern clashing. Dress up your kitchen’s open shelves with a couple of these vessels.

For the homeowner ready for some serious changes

Bright yellow wallpaper coated in splatter paint is hardly a demure choice for your walls. However, if you’re not afraid to go bold, shake things up with this unexpected pattern. Opt for juxtaposition, pairing this look with old-school antique furniture in rich colors and fabrics. Or play up its funkiness by using it as an accent wall, surrounded by equally audacious fixtures; for example, something like Steven Bukowski’s chunky side table.

For the dinnerware enthusiast

These March plates had numerous Domino editors in various states of rapture. The intricate detailing! The delightful colors! The Italian pedigree! Suffice to say, we’re thoroughly obsessed—which is why we’re glad the brand offers the style in so many different sizes. Build out your dinnerware collection with these beautiful pieces, perfectly suited to both formal entertaining and casual weeknight dinners. Setting the table is about to get a lot more fun.

For anyone whose New Year’s resolution was to cook more

You likely need one star kitchen tool that can do it all, and a Dutch oven is just that product. Ideal for soups, one-pot meals, sauces, and even bread, it’s definitely worth the investment, and this blue enamel option is among the most stylish in the game. You’ll want to keep it on display atop your stove as permanent kitchen eye candy.

For the renter whose bathroom needs some TLC

It may not be the most exciting room to decorate, but no matter its size, your bathroom’s design shouldn’t be an afterthought. Pepper in small, stylish moments to make it feel a bit more special—even if you share it with several roommates. Alexandria Cummings’s speckled soap dish is just that moment. Go for the walnut spice option for an on-trend pop of ochre.

For the black thumb

Start small with a windowsill herb garden. Pick up a small fleet of three or so of these tiny enamel pots and kick-start your gardening habit as we delve into warmer weather. Try herbs like basil and rosemary, which are easy to grow and especially handy for summer dishes.

For the person who is always losing her keys

Keep them where you can see them: in a splatter-painted catchall in your entryway. This unique piece can also be employed as chic storage elsewhere—on your nightstand, to hold miscellaneous bedtime essentials, or on your coffee table to house your collection of tchotchkes.

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