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H&M Home just debuted its spring collection, and we’ve never been more excited for April showers and May flowers, because the line is filled with greenery-friendly accessories that encourage us to roll up our sleeves, buy some soil, and get to planting. From indoor-outdoor terracotta planters to vases perfect for propagating, each one is a no-brainer for plant parents. The best part? Most of them clock in at under $25. 

Courtesy of H&M

But you don’t have to have a green thumb to enjoy everything on offer. Floral-pattern pillows give off a similar effect without the constant watering, and a botanical-scented candle will make your home at least smell like you’re really great at tending to blooms. 

Courtesy of H&M

Also in the new drop: indigo cushions, a terry bathrobe, a cute bee basket, and even a candle that comes in a metal can—which, by the way, would make a great vessel for a succulent. Just saying. 


Put It in Neutral

Stoneware Plant Pot, H&M ($20)

White goes with everything, and the wiggly leaf pattern keeps it interesting. Pair it with an equally wild bird’s-nest fern.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Rattan Plant Pot, H&M ($20)

A rattan pot sets a relaxed vibe that goes great with other natural materials like linen and unfinished wood.

Basic, but Better

Terracotta Plant Pot, H&M ($11)

This riff on a classic terracotta planter is much more stylish than what you’ll find at the nursery.

Bubble Up

Plant Pot with Bubbles, H&M ($25)

Brighten up your WFH desk with this small dose of effervescence, and watch as your back-to-back Zoom meetings become more bearable.


Cut It Out

Round Glass Vase, H&M ($20)

There’s no rule that says you have to propagate plants in empty jam jars. Place cuttings in a globe vase that showcases their growth.

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