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What was once an old chocolate factory on the north end of Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill, just outside the Navy Yard, is now home to prop stylist and art director Alyssa Hoppe and her husband, Paul Hoppe. The 1,400 sq ft space also happens to double as Hoppe’s studio as well as the spot from which she runs her small online home goods store, Hoppe Shoppe.

Hoppe’s aesthetic is a combination of the old and the new, textures are aplenty while color takes the backseat. Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian and Japanese influences, Hoppe’s approach to design errs towards minimalism with touches of what she refers to as “Old World French design that has a modern and minimal twist.”

Seeing as the home was an upgrade from their previous place—both in size and space—the couple was faced with the task of lending a more comfortable and inviting sense in the domain. “The space itself is a lot more industrial and modern, so I wanted to soften it with more natural textures and lots of plants,” notes Hoppe of the vibrant slew of greens that can be found in just about every nook and cranny of her home.

We love the abundance of plants in your space! What’s your secret to keeping them alive and thriving?

Me too! I love plants! My father has a green thumb and growing up I was always was amazed at how he could make plants grow. I’ve had many plants die, but I have learned that the right distance from the window, not over-watering (making sure the top inch of soil is bone dry) and misting can do wonders.

What was your reasoning behind displaying art on the console versus hanging them?

Partially it was for flexibility. Because I shoot for Hoppe Shoppe a lot in our home, I wanted to be able to move around the elements with ease. Also, I really love long and low media cabinets and I thought leaning the art would emphasize that. The accent black wall also feels like a statement enough that I didn’t feel like we needed to add more to it.

Among the myriad of thoughtful and curated decorative moments in Hoppe’s home, the ceilings were clearly a standout moment. “Our building is an old industrial factory, so all the ceilings are cement and then they had to put a fire-retardant up, which created all the texture. I love it though, it kind of feels like we’re on the moon,” says Hoppe of the unique finish.

How were you able to successfully establish diverse zones within an open layout, all the while keeping the aesthetic cohesive? 

It took a couple different layouts but working off a grid system really helps. Also, because I tend to keep our home pretty neutral, it allows for the aesthetic to feel similar.

“I try to be very creative when it comes to shopping for decor and furniture,” notes Hoppe of her approach to purchasing decorative pieces. “Buying a mix of old/used items on Craigslist or flea markets as well as being really purposeful when buying new. Items that are timeless that we know we will want around for years to come.”

We’re swooning over this situation! What’s the story behind it?

Thanks! Well, I really love well-designed cleaning tools and I recently got a couple of these metal pieces in from a designer in Nashville for my shop, Hoppe Shoppe, and thought that it would be a great way to functionally display all of them. Then, of course, it needed my kind of pop of color, plants!

In the bedroom, a black backdrop adds a bold dose of style and character to the otherwise neutral scheme, also providing a vibrant canvas for the ensuing greens and patterned textiles.

When it comes to the overall aesthetic of Hoppe’s home, one detail is clear: a sense of tranquility that results in a down-to-earth approach to the decorative scheme. With a thoughtful pairing of patterned textiles, subtle pops of color, and sleek materials of a modern-meets-industrial finish, the space results in a dynamic and style-focused oasis.

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