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Hay’s Chef-Inspired Kitchenware Collection Is Minimalist Scandinavian Perfection

Experts know best, right?

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What do you get when you combine the style of an iconic Scandinavian design company with the functionality of chef’s products? Hay’s newest collection of everyday kitchen essentials.

The Danish design brand collaborated with chef Frederik Bille Brahe to launch a full range of kitchenware—it includes everything from pots and pans to graters and peelers.

Customers can expect a wide range of textures and colors in the Kitchen Market collection. The overall design is simple, but with a twist—think sleek, minimalist bowls in vibrant colors and muted, toned plates featuring intricate marble patterns.

According to Hay, the collection echoes the Copenhagen food scene.

“Best known for his café Atelier September and restaurant Apollo Bar in Copenhagen, Frederik creates healthy food that is both intriguing and simple,” says the website. “The look and feel of his food and restaurants have become synonymous with the Copenhagen food scene, and an inspiration for the collection.”


In addition to pulling inspiration from Brahe’s industrial-style kitchen, Kitchen Market also includes elements of various cultures that Mette Hay—the design company’s co-founder, along with the creative director of its accessories section—encountered on her travels. Handmade glasses influenced by Morocco, Indian-inspired water pitchers, and soap reminiscent of France are just some of the pieces that have been influenced by global design and reimagined to suit a Scandinavian, functional sensibility.


This isn’t the first time Hay has worked with the famous chef, either: They first paired up during Milan’s 2016 Design Week to open a temporary café.

The Kitchen Market line launched at NYC’s MoMa Design Store in Soho on August 22—and some products are already available online—where it will remain until mid-September. The collection will also be available at all European Hay stores after November 1.


: Dezeen

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