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Ikea is a treasure trove for affordable, design-forward items. While that makes the store a go to for almost all of our home needs, we don’t necessarily want all of our Ikea pieces to look like they’re from Ikea. So, we found the most luxe items at Ikea right now. The pieces in the slideshow ahead will leave everyone wondering where you got them from.

Storhet Champagne Coupe, Ikea, $1.99

Whether you serve your guests the most expensive or most affordable glass of champagne, nobody will know that these beautiful coupe glasses only cost you $1.99.

Nymane Pendant Lamp, Ikea, $39.99

This clean, timeless lamp looks like it cost way more than $40. Utilize the bright red as an opportunity to tie other similarly-toned accents into your room, or let this piece act as the sole pop of color in your space.


Jorid Tray Table, Ikea, $49.99

Not only does this table look luxe, but it also has a durable surface that makes cleaning easy. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Stockholm Bowl, Ikea, $19.99

Transform your meals into a luxury experience with this translucent blue bowl.


Koarp Armchair, Ikea, $149

This armchair is truly where form meets function. There is a hidden storage pocket, and the design is on point. This chair will be a standout piece in any room.

Behövd Vacuum Flask, Ikea, $4.99

Work from home? Keep your coffee hot all morning long with this chic flask.


Fado Table Lamp, Ikea, $24.99

Instead of opting for your standard, run-of-the-mill lamp in your bedroom, this table lamp is the perfect choice for soft mood lighting.


Östernäs Leather Handle, Ikea, $9.99

The right knob on your furniture has the ability to completely transform a piece. These knobs will upgrade any dresser or armoire.