Under $50 Finds From Target That Beat the Home Decor Game

From rugs to throw pillows, Target has it all.

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There’s something in the air at Target—one moment, you’re running in for toothpaste and toilet paper, and the next, you’re headed to the checkout line with a cart full of who knows what.

We get it—Target seems to hold some mysterious power over all its shoppers. But even though you know about the Target trap, you keep coming back for more. The root of the problem lies in the fact that Target just slays the game—the store’s assortment is simply stellar.

One category that’s been gaining traction over the past few years is home decor, and we get giddy every time Target rolls out a new season of home goods. Here are a few quick, under-$50 buys we would be proud to put in our shopping cart.

This perfectly pink pillow makes for a lovely pop of color on your neutral sofa. It makes us very happy that this trending color has proven to have such serious staying power, and as a bonus, the price on this pillow makes it an easy impulse buy.

Pink Throw Pillow – Threshold, $22.49

Do you need a lamp for your work station? Skip the boring options, and go for something unique—this sleek piece is sure to add some style to your desk. The combination of white and brass looks high end, even though the price is on the lower side.

Dylan Bullet Shaped LED Table Lamp White – Threshold, $24.99

We were thrilled when Target started carrying art, and their print assortment is both stunning and extremely colorful. To add a pop of color to your walls, select some bolder prints. The best part? Target sells their art already framed!

Framed Watercolor Landscape – Threshold, $28.49

A good-looking vanity mirror is hard to find. Most of the options out there are too ornate, or on the flip side, too simple. However, this one hits all the marks—it still has style, but isn’t too fussy. Scatter your lipsticks around this mirror to create the ultimate Instagram snap.

West Emory Two Sided Gold Vanity Mirror, $28.49

We love a good overdyed rug, and this one is no exception—the pattern is a twist on the traditional oriental motif, but the color brings it to a modern place.

There are two sizes that fall under the $50 mark—the 2’x3’ and the 4’x6’—and there are lots of potential ways to use the smallest size. You can place it by your front door or in front of your kitchen sink, or even use it as a bath mat. Even though all of these spaces will attract dirt and debris, when the price is this good, you won’t feel guilty about the damage.

Ryan Overdyed Rug – Threshold, $44.99

This jute place mat brings a lot of style to your table, so definitely host your next dinner party with it in mind. Layered under a white plate, this piece totally pops.

Natural Kitchen Textiles Decorative Charger – Threshold, $4.99

Wrap yourself up in this marled knit throw on chilly fall nights—the stylish find is sure to keep you warm.

Blanket Marled Sweater Knit Throw – Threshold, $24.99

We’re always looking for fun new accents for our homes, and this ceramic bell has an artisan touch to it. The two tone piece is easy to place in almost any space.

Corowa Bell – Black/White – Threshold, $22.49

We love brass objects, and this rhino is so quirky and cool. Place it atop a stack of books, or style it on your coffee table. Wherever you put this piece, it’s sure to bring some sass to your space.

Gold Rhino Figural, $11.99

Jersey sheets are some of the most comfortable around. If you’ve chosen a more colorful, printed option for your bedspread, select something simple and solid for your sheets.

Jersey Sheet Set Solids – Room Essentials, $18.99

Is there a scent out there that smells better than “clean?” This lavender candle swirls the fresh scent all around your home, making every day smell like cleaning day.

Clean Day Glass Candle Lavender – Mrs. Meyers, $6.99

This sure is one cool find—the brass rocker hand figure will add some edge to any room it inhabits.

Rock Hand Bookend – Gold – Room Essentials, $11.69

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