Target Lovers, Rejoice! Next-Day Delivery Is Coming

You can soon say goodbye to waiting in lines.

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Our last-minute runs to Target for random household necessities are soon to be a lot more convenient. In an effort to compete with other delivery services like Amazon’s Prime Pantry, Target is officially launching its own next-

day home

delivery service called Target Restock. Read: all the joy of perusing affordable home goods from the comfort of a couch.

The new service was initially announced in May, when the company said it was testing Target Restock with company employees. The service is focused specifically on common household items, beauty and personal care products, and dry goods and is currently offering over 10,000 items to choose from.

Target Restock is being tested in the Twin Cities (where Target is headquartered), where the brand is headquartered, with plans to launch in more locations still in the works. Interested parties will have to register a account to use the new service which, for now at least, will only be offered to Target REDcard holders. According to a spokesperson, this is part of an effort to personalize the Target shopping experience even more.

“Guests will have the option to pay with REDcard —and receive the 5 percent discount— or use another card of their choice,” a Target spokesperson said in a statement.

Compared to its rival Prime Pantry, Target Restock is marginally cheaper: Where Amazon lets customers fill a box up to 45 pounds for a flat rate of $5.99, Target’s same-weight box will only set them back $4.99.

But Target’s real advantage comes as a result of the brick-and-mortar nature of its business. Where Prime Pantry fills orders from Amazon’s warehouses, Target Restock uses the stores nearest the consumer to live up to its promise of next-day delivery (as long as you order by 2pm Monday-Thursday).

If you live in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area and have a REDcard, simply head to and get started. The rest of us will be eagerly awaiting the day when we can get our laundry detergent and boxed mac and cheese without having to wait in line.

Source: TechCrunch

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