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Color us impressed—Target has seriously elevated their home decor game in the past few years, and they’re not stopping any time soon. With the launch of modern home line (ideal for small space living!) Project 62 in August of last year, as well as a foray into relaxed farmhouse style with the launch of Hearth & Hand with Magnolia featuring HGTV royalty Chip and Joanna Gaines in November, we thought the big box retailer just couldn’t do it again—but boy, were we wrong.

This week, Target offered the first sneak peek at its new, colorful home decor brand—one that will most likely appeal to the maximalist in you. Aptly titled Opalhouse, the new brand is described as having an “eclectic aesthetic,” and features over 1,300 items for the home. Spanning bedding, bath, decor, tabletop, and furniture, the brand offers everything you need to truly take your home to the next level in terms of prints, patterns, and gorgeously rich colors. We’re already pining over the embroidered throws, $19.99 (pictured below), while the jewel-toned towels ($12.99) and shower accessories have us wishing for sunny spring days.

Why this new exploration into the eclectic? According to the brand’s official press release, about 90 percent of their customers like to mix and match decor items in order to establish their own personal style. So, Target’s just giving the people what they want. With the introduction of so many brands, it seems like the big box retailer is slowly differentiating its offerings by providing separate themes and design styles for each new line, therefore becoming a design threat in its own right—and we’re all for it.

Our first peek at the brand showed us a style that could appeal to everyone, from the young college student figuring out dorm decor to the suburban mom looking for cheap, yet tasteful furniture pieces to add a little pop of color to the living space.

Mark Tritton, Target’s chief merchandising officer, tells Domino, “While the target age is definitely millennial, the brand really reaches all ages with its mix of playful styles and more elegant pieces. We saw that our customers really wanted to play and make their style their own. Because you’d be worried to take risks if you had to pay an exorbitant amount of money for it, we wanted to allow our consumer to really figure out their style and play—because decor should be fun. They get to express their individuality, and then take it down and try something else.”

The press release also stresses on the collection’s “incredible value,” which couldn’t be more accurate: Products start at just $1.99, with most decor items not crossing the $30 mark. Bigger pieces like metal-rimmed mirrors, detailed rattan chairs, and plush silk and velvet sofas (the soft lilac option being Tritton’s favorite) are slightly higher in price, with the most expensive item (a bright blue velvet sofa) clocking in at $549—but even then, those furniture pieces boast higher-end materials that are well worth their price tag, such as embroidered rims, metal accents, and sleek silhouettes.

These new brand offerings are globally inspired, with Target’s design team traveling everywhere from the streets of Paris to the tourist hotspots in Lisbon to find new and exciting patterns and prints to use in the collection. A prime example can be seen in the wallpaper above, with the bird and flower prints being directly inspired by the team’s trips. The brand will feature more original artwork than other Target collaborations, and aims to allow consumers to fully embrace their wild side.

“All of our artwork is original by the designers, and we really just let them go with it,” says Tritton of the delicately intricate styles, particularly seen in the melamine plates (just $1.99!). “They looked at trends and what was going to be big, and it really speaks to the talent of our designers to figure out what people want.”

This touch of whimsy is elevated with some seriously unique materials, like pressed glass and jewel-toned velvets, but even minimalists can find something they love in this wild collection—the understated white backdrops and neutrals offer interesting textures that still hold a lot of promise for those hesitant to go all out with their home decor. All this variety will help anyone refresh their style with ease, all while having a ton of fun—which is Target’s primary goal.

“A third of our guests actually told us they love an eclectic look,” says Tritton. “So we wanted to give them the space to hyper-personalize their home, and be a storyteller for them. They’ll have all these options, but they’ll get to choose how to mix it together in their space.”

Originally published February 20, 2018. Updated with new information March 29, 2018.

Opalhouse will be available in all Target stores and on Target.com beginning April 8. Prices start at $1.99, with most items under $30.

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