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A new season is upon us and while you may have apple picking or fall foilage-hunting on your mind, we have something (arguably) a bit more exciting than that to look forward to. Without further ado—and mostly because we can hardly contain ourselves—we’re here to share news of Target’s latest installment of the Hearth & Hand with Magnolia collection.

For all those still reeling from the end of Fixer Upper, consider this an alternative to maintaining that sacred bond with the duo who put the modern farmhouse aesthetic on the map. We got our hands on the forthcoming collection and it’s a good one—not that we would expect anything else from Chip and Jo. Playing to the brand’s classic tone and vision, the collection boasts its signature approach to texture and material, beautifully combining matte metal finishes with stained wood and ceramic detailing.

Read on to see our top 10 favorite pieces from the new Hearth & Hand with

Magnolia collection at Target

, and see how we’re planning on bringing each item home.

Natural Woven Charger, $9.99

Rattan is still an of-the-moment material and we’re all for fresh uses of the trend. The collection here boasts an intricately woven charger, which beautifully utilizes the versatile qualities of the material, transforming it into a tabletop essential that will complement a wide breadth of decorative aesthetics.

Kitchen Towel, Set of 2, $9.99

We’re always here for a functional piece that can double as a decorative accent—preferably one that comes with a vibrant color detail—and tea towels are one of few kitchen accessories that fit the bill. We love these for the delicate splash of mustard and blue, which will invite a seasonally-relevant touch to your space.

Wood Scoop, Set of 4, $22.99

It’s high time you retire those plastic scoopers you’ve reserved for your pantry or spice rack lineup. These wooden scoops each bring in a unique tonal characteristic, which will look stunning paired with oversized glass canisters.

Potholder Set, $5.99

When was the last time you saw a pair of potholders chicer than this? It’s definitely been a bit for us, hence why we’ll be jumping on the opportunity to snag these the moment they come out. Doubling as yet another chance to bring in a subtle touch of color to the kitchen, the inspired tonal pairings give the standard print a refreshing redo.

Faux Silver Dollar Eucalyptus in Amber Jar, $8.99

Faux florals are a hallmark trend of the season and what better way to usher it in than with this budget-friendly (yet totally style-savvy) rendition? Dress up an entry console or prop a set of these on a wooden dining table for a picture-perfect, rustic touch.

Bread Cutting Board, $29.99

Now, this is a cutting board! Featuring a slatted base, this one ensures that you’ll never have to worry about meticulously slicing bread ever again. Flawlessly even slices every time? Sign us up.

Large Ceramic Vase in Gray, $24.99

You see a basic vase, we see a vessel that will house an abundant slew of fresh fall florals. For a season that garners such an eclectically vibrant scope of colorful greens, a base clad in a neutral hue is ideal. As an added bonus, you can sneak this into virtually any decor scheme.

Black Large Round Easel, $8.99

Perfect for the cook who finds themselves in a constant state of being short a hand (or two), this easel makes for the ideal cookbook holder. Sleek and streamlined, it can seamlessly translate into your existing decor scheme with effortless ease.

Plaid Runner, 14×72, $17.99

Fall and plaid may go hand in hand, but a revised color scheme is definitely key in preventing a tired and overdone scene. This black and white rendition of the look promises a refreshing layer atop your dining room table, bringing with it a stable backdrop for the colorful menu it will inevitably be paired with.

Mini App Bowl, Set of 4, $34.99

Come the season of entertaining, you’ll probably find yourself at a loss for versatile vessels that can play to a diverse range of dishes and eats. These delicate wooden app bowls will do just that along with contributing a textural rich detail to the tablescape itself.

The new Hearth & Hand with Magnolia collection will be available in stores and on Target.com on September 16th.