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There’s a reason why they’re mainstays of fairy tales, the Super Mario universe, and Studio Ghibli movies: Mushrooms are nature’s most delightful creation. They also happen to be the inspiration behind some of the best lighting fixtures ever to be designed. We just can’t get enough of vintage Murano mushroom lamps—and we’re not the only ones.

The swirled glass designs are rapidly selling out from all our favorite vintage stores, from Abigail Bell to Home Union, and becoming a must-have for the fashion set. These Italian-made lights originated around the 1960s, and with their rounded shape, glossy finish, and playful vibe, they fit in perfectly with all the other trends we’ve been loving of late (hello, wavy furniture).

That said, Murano mushrooms can be tough to get your hands on. Luckily, they aren’t the only way to embrace this old-turned-new trend. Mushrooms have been a reference for lighting design for decades—there are plenty of modern, much-easier-to-score options to choose from, too. Shop our favorite fungi, below.

The Golden Dome

Sharp lines and a cap that looks like it’s perfectly balanced on a single point make this lamp by Vico Magistretti especially satisfying.

The White-Topped Wonder

West Elm’s Bella design could easily pass as a pick from the last century. Go for a boldly colored base for retro Mario Bros. vibes.

The Teeny One

Flos’s mini mushroom lamp is perfect for nightstands. It’s rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about it burning out just when you get to the good part in your book. 

The Wooden ’Shroom

We like to think that this is the kind of light fixture a very chic elf would have in their home. 

The Fancy Fungi

Inspired by traditional library lamps, this fixture is just the right combination of nostalgia and contemporary design.

The Dotted Delights

Are these sculpted onyx mushrooms as luxurious as it gets? Yes. Are they something out of a sugar-induced daydream? Also yes.

The Classic Caps

It was love at first sight when Dimore Studio debuted an entire room of these Gabrielle Crespi lamps at Salone del Mobile. If only we could re-create the same thing in our own homes!

The Perfect Pink

There’s something a bit Alice in Wonderland about a pink mushroom lamp, no? This Verner Panton one is pure whimsy.

The Dramatic Desk Companion

The final touch that your tidy, minimalist desk needs is this pleasingly round dome lamp, which has an ultra-reflective surface to stare at when you need a break. 

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