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A hard truth about small-space decorating strategies is that they often involve sacrificing your wildest design dreams (RIP, sectional with an extra-deep chaise). But there are some pieces I’d keep small even if I had all the square footage in the world, such as very tiny table lamps. The mini table lamp trend is about more than the cute factor of a pint-size home piece; it can be particularly handy for creating mood-boosting lighting during the darker winter months. While larger lamps require valuable real estate and electrical outlets, minis are often portable and can be scattered around on mantels, bookshelves, windowsills, coffee tables, bar carts, or even your kitchen counter (they won’t hog your prep space). And with multiple light sources at different heights, you’re well on your way to creating effortless layers of that coveted ambient glow.

While perhaps I already have far too many lamps, I say there’s always room to squeeze in another (tiny) one. I’ve been a proud owner of Thomas O’Brien’s Tiny Terri lamp for a year—as far as I’m concerned, it’s straight out of the designer’s home. It sits atop my armoire, fitting right in with my indoor garden. 

Lighting photo
Tiny Terri Lamp by Thomas O’Brien, Visual Comfort ($419)

There’s no shortage of petite table lamps on the Internet; all of the picks, below, are well under a foot tall. With rechargeable options that allow you to skip the cord and mushroom-shaped nuggets for less than $18, it really is hard to resist buying at least one.

Shade Your Glow

Restaurant Style

Mushroom Mode

Lantern Life