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Designing a well-balanced room isn’t too different from putting together an outfit. You need your core items, personality-filled accessories, and, of course, layering pieces. That last one is a little abstract, so allow us to share some examples: impactful art, lush plants, romantic curtains, and mini tables, our latest obsession. Shorter than a side table and smaller than a coffee table, almost everyone has room to add the petite surface to their home. 

The functions are endless. A mini table could hold book stacks, house a plant, serve as a seat, or just stand alone as a beautiful object. And if floor space is of the utmost importance, you could slide one under another piece of furniture and pull it out when needed. Like any finishing touch, it might not be not totally necessary—but you’d miss it if it wasn’t there. Below are some of our favorites on the market, from an African-made Senufo stool to an Eames icon.  

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Eames Wire Base Low Table

Most mid-century classics are, let’s just say, out of our price range. But much to our delight, this Eames table starts at just $295. If your bed is equally low to the ground, this table works great as a minimalist nightstand, with just enough room for a lamp and a book. 

Ferm Living Kona Side Table

At just 3.9 inches tall, this one is almost like a tray for the floor; it’s ideal for keeping items like a cup of coffee or a lit candle corralled. Plus the clean Donald Judd–esque silhouette is quiet yet architectural. 

Colin King Studio x West Elm Acacia Wood 3-Leg Side Table

Colin King Studio’s simple stool from his recent collaboration with West Elm is designed to be layered. Move it from sofa side to down in front as a footrest, and enjoy the hit of warmth the acacia wood brings. 

IKEA Gamlehult Ottoman With Storage

Just because our picks are miniature doesn’t mean they can’t hold storage. IKEA’s Gamlehult is hollow, with space for whatever bits and bobs you need to stash away. The neutral material adds a beachy feel, ideal for complementing everything from metal to wood. 

Eternity Modern Kaia Marble Plinth

Add a sculptural element to your space with a cube of marble. While it may be more difficult to move around, once you plant one beside your couch, you’re never going to want to move it anyway. 

Chairish African Rustic Senufo Wood Milk Stool

Senufo stools offer a gorgeous patina (no two are alike) and are known for their distinct cone-shaped legs. Made in Africa, many run petite—like this Chairish find, which is just 8 inches tall.  

CB2 Jaxx Green Marble Side Table

Not too different in shape from Charlotte Perriand’s famous Tabouret stool, CB2’s Jaxx style offers a whole lot of look for being only 14 inches tall. Veiny marble, available in green, red, and white, adds a graphic hit that makes it strong enough to stand on its own as a sculpture. 

Shoppe Amber Interiors Cole Stool

Chunky munggur wood and visible wood grain bring undeniably rustic vibes to your living room. With a slightly concave seat, the Cole makes for a comfy little seat that’ll float around your space. 

Areaware x Sophie Colle Splat Table

It’s not every day you come across a table top shaped like a splat. Brooklyn-based woodworker and furniture designer Sophie Colle worked with Areaware to produce a piece that’s as playful as her own creations, at an affordable price. It comes in two sizes, made to stack or “cuddle” together. We love the cobalt hue offered in the sample quality, but there are first qualitys available, too.

Frama AML Stool 

So much of this stool’s 12-inch height comes from its hefty seat, where you can see the gorgeous rings of the wood. In addition to oiled pine, it’s offered in a dark pine hue. Luckily you can’t go wrong with either.