Published on August 7, 2019

In the dog days of summer, there is no sight as satisfying as the swirl and swoop of soft serve on a cone. The plump twirl of ice cream has always been a nostalgic shape—it’s the quintessential childhood treat—but recently, it’s all over modern-day decor. This is the  silhouette of the season—bulbous, sculptural, and reminiscent of Dairy Queen’s signature creation. Bizarre? A bit. Oddly satisfying? Absolutely. 

Similar to the equally architectural hourglass-shape trend, soft-serve–esque decor falls under the broader umbrella of Memphis design. Eccentric forms and vibrant colors rule. If you’re searching for a fun finishing touch for any available surface in your home, we have you covered. There’s no time like summer to get in on the ice cream–adjacent style. Our only question for you: How many scoops? 

The Curvy Candleholders

Pair this speckled design with bright yellow tapers for some bold color contrast. 

The Squiggle Bud Vase

Less is more: Keep this vessel perched on your mantel with a single flower in it.

The Ombré Set

This vase comes in three different shades of blue. Might we suggest you buy them all and showcase them together for a cool gradient effect? 

The Star of Your Vanity

Go ahead and decant your favorite perfume into this little jar—it will make getting ready that much more glamorous. 

The Millennial Pink Masterpiece

Whoever said they were over the trend clearly hadn’t yet laid eyes on this globular wonder. 

The Glass Stack

This piece is as whimsical as its inspiration—a balloon-shaped Ferris wheel in a Copenhagen amusement park.

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