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Photography by Cody Guilfoyle

There’s little sweeter than an a tasty ice cream treat on a hot summer day, but it’s not exactly healthy as a daily indulgence. And while you should treat yo’ self whenever you damn please, sometimes you don’t have that choice or privilege—whether it be from food allergies or sensitivities or a desire to reduce your sugar intake. But Dream Pops wants to help you feel a little better about satisfying your sweet tooth.

The California-based company makes ice cream popsicles, that are not only perfect on the go, but also available for all: they’re gluten-, dairy-, and soy-free, plus they have no artificial additives or stabilizers, and clock in under 100 calories. But unlike most vegan treats, these not only taste amazing, they also have the potential to heal you with their superfood ingredients. The Chocolate Lion flavor has a coconut milk base and, brilliantly includes adaptogenic mushrooms. But the flavor is just smooth coconut-y chocolate. Or the Vanilla Matcha flavor, which is actually made with ceremonial-grade matcha (anything that doesn’t claim that is usually filled with artificial green tea) for a bold, and slightly sweet treat.

Each flavor is silky, and it’s hard enough not to just plow through an entire tray in one sitting, which you definitely could, should the mood strike. And it’s tempting to do exactly that because even after one, two, or more, you don’t have that sugar coma or sickeningly sweet overload thanks to the subtle flavors and health-focused blends. These clever flavor matchups (like Mango Rosemary with a punchy mango and passionfruit blend with a herby rosemary note) are due to guidance from three-Michelin-star chef Juan Amador.

“There aren’t really fruity options for a popsicle that are dairy-free,” says Domino’s digital photo editor, Lahaina Alcantara. Alcantara has a list of allergens that makes desserts harder to enjoy, which is why vegan treats are a bit of her speciality. “I like how it’s a creamy, fruit experience as opposed to the straight up frozen fruit bar,” she says. “Honestly, having more dairy-free popsicle options—we need that.”

Photography by Cody Guilfoyle
And one look at Dream Pops tells you they are not your average fruit bar. The show-stopping cubed shape comes via 3-D printing, in which a specialized printer creates the design. After the mixture is added, it’s chilled instantly with liquid nitrogen. That special, now-signature shape was actually inspired by the bold architecture of Milan, where co-founder and CEO, David Greenfeld, lived temporarily.

The unique aesthetic makes these pops an especially great option for entertaining, when you want your dessert to be as much of a statement as your decor. We guarantee these treats will be the star of your pool party—after all, they’re just begging to be Instagrammed, and if you didn’t Instagram it, did you even eat it?

And as of July 15 (aka National Ice Cream Day), Dream Pop treats are now available for national shipping. You can get 10 pops per tray, for $45 (so for $4.50 a pop) and free shipping. And for all you Earth-fans out there (uh, all of us I hope?), Dream Pops is one of the first companies to use a new form of sustainable, compostable, environmentally-friendly packaging. If you happen to be in Los Angeles, you can grab a single smartly packaged Dream Pop at select Starbucks locations, too. And keep watching the site, more flavors will be launching soon.

Want more vegan options? Try out Chloe’s Fruit Pops (on Amazon and Fresh Direct) or EatPops, which have superfoods like Noni in them, or if you want creamy and chocolate, Coconut Bliss is beloved.

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