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Photography by Michael Wiltbank

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1) Start with your largest piece and hang it in the general area that you want to build around.

2) Use the next largest piece and hang it near the first frame.

3) Continue working around and out from the first two pieces until you reach a desired overall shape. (finished product should be roughly round or oval).

Photography by Michael Wiltbank


1) Determine where you want your gallery wall and hang pieces vertically to fit the length of that dimension.

2) Next, from the bottom piece, hang art horizontally as far across as you’d like your rectangle to go.

3) From here, hang your art, working from the outside in to close up the rectangle.

Photography by Michael Wiltbank


1) Apply a horizontal stripe of painter’s tape to your wall.

2) Begin with your largest piece of art and place it slightly off center below the tape line.

3) Next, use the 2nd biggest piece of art and hang it above the tape lane so the edge slightly overlaps with the line of largest piece on the bottom.

4) Continue this process, moving from the center out, and tapering down from larger pieces to the smallest.