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by Michelle Gage

Wallpaper can make a huge statement and totally transform a room. However, if you are renting, you know this is not the best option, especially if you want your security deposit back. Here, we found 35 ways to get a bold look in your space, without using wallpaper.

Believe it or not, but this wall mural was painted and not applied. If you are skilled enough to try this out freehand, go for it! If not, try tracing an outline on your walls first.

A little washi tape goes a long way. Mimic your favorite simplistic wallpaper pattern with some of this popular tape.

Painting is one of the most affordable ways to change up your space. Paint each wall a different color and then add some stripes to your ceiling.

Black accent walls are trending. Add interest to yours by painting golden triangles on top. This striking combination is truly unique.

Skip traditional wooden frames and paint them right onto your wall. Instead of nailing a bunch of holes into your white rented walls, you can outline your art with faux frames.

This is not your mom’s craft. There are neat stenciling tricks out there that can totally take your space over the top. Cover your walls with golden cacti.

We know you might not believe us, but this is not wallpaper. Find your favorite style and tweak it a bit. Add an accent wall to a guest or children’s bedroom.

Add some stripes to your small space. A weekend and some painter’s tape are all you need to get this look.

An accent wall enhances this nursery. Have a little fun with the project and don’t pay too much attention to making everything symmetric.

Apply some art to your walls. Create a totally unique view from your dining room table.

Add some inspiration to your work space. This home office is home to some pretty good advice. Write your thoughts right on your walls.

The scalloped detailing on the wall of this bedroom is unexpected. A few quick strokes can give you this look.

Go for bold with the multi-colored accent wall. If you are a fan of crisp, white bedding, don’t be afraid to add color to your walls for contrast.

A playroom is the perfect place to experiment with color and pattern. This floral mural feels so fresh.

We give you permission to scribble on your walls. Pick a hot orange shade and get to work! (Or enlist the help of an artistically inclined friend.)

Find a blank wall in your home and turn it into a chalkboard. This wall will allow you to create a new piece of art every day.

An exciting wall does not need to be comprised of bold color. You can create one with neutral shades.

Tape up some sheet music and pages from your favorite books. If you are not one to bust open the paint can, play with paper.

Don’t forget to pay special attention to your kitchen. These tangerines are seriously sweet. If you have the patience, get painting!

Sweet candy stripes make a great impact. Find a skinny wall and add this small touch.

Get this artful look behind your headboard. Bust out the blue paint for a look all will love.

This look was created with painter’s tape. Select your favorite colors to create a work of art like this.

Simple black and white stripes combine to create a classic look. This chic hallway is one that can be easily copied in your own home.

Split your wall in two. A diagonal break creates a little interest. Golden painted polka dots make this look one that is totally unique.

Share your favorite poem or partner’s love note on your walls. A steady hand and a contrasting paint tone are all you need to get this look.

If you have a hard time picking one paint color, pick them all. Gather your favorites to create this kaleidoscope effect on your walls.

Add a touch of cool into your bathroom with this DIY that is easy on the eyes. Black lashed eyeballs pop up all over this predominantly white bathroom.

Diagonal baby blue stripes appear to be effortless in this playful space.

In absence of a headboard, we suggest trying out this simple style.

This space allows you to keep your walls white. Just add the right amount of golden dots to make it a little bit more special.

Brick red arrowheads make for an interesting accent wall. If you plan to skip the wallpaper, this is a great alternative.

Create a cozy nook where there isn’t one. You can make separate zones in your space with just the touch of your paintbrush.

These darling decals look just like wallpaper. However, they are simply removable stickers – the next best thing!

If you are planning to stay in your place for a few years, we suggest that you invest some time into the design. (Specifically lots of drying time!)

This simple DIY is so sweet for a

gender neutral nursery

. As an added bonus, these mountains can be simply painted over when your wee one’s interests start to be more defined.