Published on June 6, 2016

HOOKS Ash “Dot” Hooks by Muuto from $23 HANGER Fade Cord Hanger Set by Hay $ SHIRT Tie tee by Sechung PANTS “Boss” Pants by SCARF “Louis” Scarf by Weft + Hyde $149 CYLINDER NECKLACE by Suface Handmade WALLPAPER Ciel Liberte in Aurore by Christian Lacroix FLOOR MIRROR in rose gold from West Elm

photography by  MEREDITH JENKS
written by  ALEX REDGRAVE

Whether helping keep your appearance on point, or framing the perfect selfie, a mirror is one of those versatile interior elements that every home should have on display. The latest crop—in strong shapes, vibrant colors, and modern metals—are works of art and wouldn’t look out of place on a gallery wall Add to that a mirror’s light-reflecting ability to effortlessly make a space appear larger, and you have a design accent that’s true magic.


leaning pieces


The Long View
F.A 33 Rectangular Wall Mirror by Gio Ponti for Gubi

Bold New Shapes
Copper Easy Mirror by Jamie Wolfond 

color forward


Kaleidoscope Chic
Seeing Glass Big Round by Sabine Marcelis and Brit Van Nerven $4,454 1stdibs.com333

Modern Geometry
Square Color-Blocked Mirror in gold, rose gold, and silver

Line Art
Line Art Round Square Printed Mirror by Clara Von Zweigbergk

Watercolor Effect
Francis Mirror by Constance Guisset $475

Oblong & Lean
Oblong & Lean Shapes Mirror in Oblong designed by Sylvain Willenz for Hay Denmark  $360

small scale


Face Framer
Reflection Wall-Mounted Metal Mirror by Lovisa Hansson

Swivel Heads
Flip Mirror in Blush $120

Hallway Essential
Hub Mirror Hook by Jordan Murphy for Umbra 

Fringe Benefits
Half-Moon Mirror with wool, silk, and mohair fibers by Ben & Aja Blanc $2,100

Mirror Sculpture by Kristina Dam Studio $340

Rule Of Three
“Simplex” Triangular Mirror with wood frame by Alex Drew & No One $1,275