charming gold accents (and how we’d use them!)

These 15 pieces, many of which could double as hostess gifts, will add a festive and warm glow without going garish or gaudy.

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by Marni Fogelson

If the idea of red and green feels a little (or a lot) tired to you, may we make a suggestion? A pop of metallic gold is all you need to get your home and your spirits in the mood for the upcoming holidays. These 15 pieces, many of which could double as hostess gifts, will add a festive and warm glow without going garish or gaudy. Bring these cheery and chic gold-trimmed accents out the holidays you celebrate or whenever you want a little glitz around the house. (Shouldn’t that be all the time?!)

crosshatch champagne flute

These elegant yet fun champagne flutes infuse a “special occasion” vibe into any holiday gathering.

matching decanter

We also love the matching decanters, which come in three different shapes. Gold can sometimes seem a bit precious, but the appealing and approachable design on these pieces makes them welcome every time drinks are served.

wishbone paperweight

A cheeky nod to the lucky wishbone that gets fought over at the dinner table, these wishbone paperweights will help you stay organized during the last few weeks at the office when the holidays are all that’s on everyone’s mind. Or use the paperweights at home for corralling holiday party invites or perhaps lists for Santa.

gold-dipped barstool

The more the merrier! Holiday get-togethers often mean that you call up all your seating reserves. These gold-tipped and topped barstools (available with black, navy, white, or red contrast) are a cheery and stylish way to add temporary seating for guests.

animal menagerie

A set of five gold-finished ceramic animals brings an unexpected playfulness to parties and could also serve as way to entertain and amuse tiny holiday revelers. The shiny and rich-looking antelope, elephant, giraffe, horse, and rhino feature clean, unfussy lines that will make them welcome visitors on the mantelpiece, coffee table, or kid’s room.

decorative pillow

This comfy pillow features subtle gold designs, showcasing how gold doesn’t always have to be loud and bold. Extra pillows are an easy way to make guests and family members feel at home and comfy (and are also helpful for unexpected overnight guests).

ruffled gold platter

A beautiful display piece on its own, we know this ruffled gold edged platter, artfully crafted from glass, will have many purposes within our homes. Our favorite might be a convenient resting spot for all the holiday candies we indulge in.

serving trays

This gold striped tray, which also comes in an equally adorable polka dot pattern, is great for keeping drinks or snacks on a level surface and make delivering a bunch of cocktails at one time a cinch. Use the tray to organize jewelry or office supplies once its serving duties are done.

salad servers

Functional salad servers get a glam golden boost and make salad instantly one of the most appealing offerings at the holiday buffet table. Shiny yet simple, we’re pretty sure we’ll be using them all the time.

star paper straws

Small and festive details help spread the holiday magic over throughout the season. Eco-friendly and biodegradable paper straws with gold stars are a sweet and simple way to add delight to any drink.

gold-accented gift wrap

Want those presents under the tree to look Instagram-ready? Wrap them in this chic gift wrap, with a bamboo-reminiscent print. If you love the bold black-and-gold design, you can also get a matching iPhone case.

zelda kaleidoscope charger

Named after the attention-grabbing Zelda Fitzgerald, the “Zelda” kaleidoscope brings unity and a bold elegance to holiday meals. These are also excellent for serving sweet treats atop a home bar or coffee table during holiday get-togethers.

gold coasters

Glam golden coasters add instant chic to your soiree (even if said coasters are being used on a folding table in your barely decorated new apartment.). The hint of gold is all you need, and hopefully it will also help your guests remember to actually use coasters.

oakmoss and leather candle

This candle, with an exterior geometric gold design, gives off the cozy, wintry scent of oakmoss and leather. By giving it as a host or hostess gift, you can pass along the brightness of the season. Once the candle has been burned, the glass can be cleaned and reused for cocktails.

gold-topped cake stand

Whether you are serving a homemade dessert masterpiece or a store-bought selection, a handmade and hand-painted gold-topped cake stand will make your guests feel celebrated.

stay fancy cocktail glass

You can stay fancy and keep your sense of humor with these cocktail glasses. The gold foil-printed glasses are perfect for whatever you want to imbibe and whenever: we recommend having these affordable glasses in regular rotation for a mood boost.