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If real life has ever inspired your decor, we have a project for you. Behr paint just launched Color A Memory, which basically means your favorite snapshots, Instagrams, etc now have the potential to come to life–in paint! Upload a favorite photo, match your color to an existing Behr hue, re-name it, and share it! And this isn’t just for fun, either. Over the course of this six-week event, more than 2,400 creative minds who submit a photo will get a paint sample of their color, with their chosen name, shipped to them! At the end of the campaign, one lucky winner will receive $4,500 to use towards reliving their memory (or creating a new one).  Read on to see some of our favorite submissions so far!

Because you never really outgrow your school colors.

This submission takes a vacation moment and turns it into a color we’d love to see on an entryway credenza!

We can’t even with this cuteness.

Or this cuteness, really.

So kids basically dominate this game.

Farmers market cravings aplenty.

One way to take the adventure home with you…

Hey he looks familiar…

A scrumptious inspiration.

The perfect example of preserving a memory moment.

We’re all kids in this moment.

Aside from the cuteness, this shade is particularly warming for fall.

The perfect example of how your memories color your world.

The perfect example of how memories color the world.

….and now we’re hungry.

There are no words.

A lovely, complimentary accent color to a minimalist space.

The not-boring beige.

Accent wall, anyone?

Altogether now….awwwww!

Definitely a memory worth reliving–in color.


How hard it must have been to pick just one gorgeous hue from among all of these!

A powerful color for a lasting memory.

Unforgettable, sentimental, colorful.

We love the option of muting it all and focusing on a still moment in time.

Hey there little guy!


Summertime saved forever.



This one’s a keeper. (And a great kitchen color, while we’re at it!)

Color for the win!

…this one might be our favorite…