paint color ideas for girls’ bedrooms

10 creative ways to transform a room with color.

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How do you create a happy sleeping space for your little lady? Bold pops of color and a lot of personality will do the trick. 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears taught us that it takes time to find something that’s just right. It can be challenging to find the perfect pink for a room; something feminine but not too frilly. Try a soft shade of pink for adding a touch of spirit. A simple, yet sophisticated print can pull together the rest of the room by using repetition with fabrics.

Paint color: 

“Rose petal” by Benjamin Moore

Chalkboard paint provides a vast canvas to let big imaginations run wild.

Paint color:

“Studio Finished” by Benjamin Moore

Put the drill away. With a paintbrush and an artistic touch (or stencil), you can design a whimsical headboard of your own. Not only is it super cute and charming, but it also saves you money and space. What’s not to like about that? Pull off this look by choosing a hue within the same color palette as the rest of the walls.

Paint color:

Pear green latex pearl by Benjamin Moore

Paint color:

Wales green latex pearl by Benjamin Moore

Bold brights meet soft pastels to give this room a more sophisticated feel while maintaining its youthfulness. Toss a stuffed animal into the mix and the room is as cozy as ever!

Paint color

: “Lily Lavender ” by Benjamin Moore

Let your imagination run wild in this sweet setup. A light foundation color gives room for creative freedom. Soft pastels, like this powder blue, are a great choice when adding whimsical prints. Want a pop of color? Layer a magenta rug on the floor. 

Paint color

: Faint flicker #D64-1 olympic no-VOC latex flat by Lowes

Pink and purple aren’t the only colors for a girl’s room. Think outside the box. Experiment by pairing a bold red wall with a soft ballerina pink. Add accent pieces in the same color scheme, which will pull a room together.

Paint color (accent wall):

Red tulip #2000-30eggshell finishby Benjamin Moore

Paint color (walls):

Pale pink #2085-60 eggshell finish by Benjamin Moore

Paint color (trim):

White semigloss finish by Benjamin Moore

She has a crazy soccer, school, and playdate schedule. This girl needs a place to relax. Bring serenity to the room with soft, seafoam colors.

Paint color

: Leisure green by Benjamin Moore

Take a bold color down a notch by adding a contrasting neutral to the wall. Clean lines add dimension and sophistication, which takes the focus away from toys and other distracting elements of a busy life.

Paint color (wall bottom): 

Providence olive #HC-98 eggshell finish by Benjamin Moore

Paint color (wall top): 

Calypso orange  #2015-30 eggshell finish by Benjamin Moore

Paint color (trim):

White semigloss finish by Benjamin Moore

The perfect foundation for storytelling, dress-up, and sleepovers: a monochromatic palette that connects all of the elements in a room. Consider painting furniture to match the walls to create a sleek, clean look.

Paint color (on the beds):

Style metallic silver from behr premium plus
by Home Depot

Surround your little girl with color and a room built for storytelling and big dreams. Painting the ceiling a soft color makes the room look larger. Stay away from dark colors, which will take away dimension from the space.

Paint color (ceiling):

Blue flower 2057-60 in flat by Benjamin Moore