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how to care for your sheepskin

A simple guide to washing, storing, and caring for sheepskin rugs and more!

why we love it:

1. This versatile material keeps cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making for the ultimate decor staple. 2. It’s hypo-allergenic. 3. Sheepskin is a natural dirt and grime repellent!

cleaning it

Since sheepskin is a natural material, cleaning comes a bit easier. For small stains and specks, spot clean the mess using warm water and a soft cloth. Use sheepskin shampoo for the more stubborn stains and brush it out with a wire brush once it has dried.

For a deep clean, hand wash the rug (or machine wash on a gentle cycle) with cool water and mild detergent. Air dry the rug while avoiding any sort of direct heat.

restoring it

With time, you may find that the fibers of the wool become coarse and clustered. It’s only natural! To restore the original integrity of the rug, use a slicker wire brush to comb through. 

storing it

To prevent the sheepskin from drying out, always opt to store the rug in a breathable bag, and keep it out of direct sunlight.

a few helpful tips from the pros:

One blogger suggests brushing the wool before washing it, to help prevent tangles, and using shampoos that don’t contain alkaline or biological enzymes.

Mortels advises the use of a gentle vacuum to collect foreign pieces of dirt and debris, often lost in the midst of the material.
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