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The Danish know how to get comfortable and live the slow life; they seem to be never in a rush. Now, their popular “hygge” lifestyle is taking over the world, one cozy blanket at the time. While it’s not easy to pronounce (say hoo-guh), it’s is really easy to adopt. Hygge is all about creating a cozy, stress-free atmosphere and surrounding yourself with things you cherish and people you love. There are endless possibilities to make your life and home just a pinch more hygge. Why not take that 30 minutes while the laundry machine is running, and pour yourself a cup of tea instead of checking emails? Or get a relaxed start to the evening with 10 minutes of meditation cuddled up in your favorite blanket? You don’t have to have a fireplace at home to make it hygge. We have rounded up few ideas to add just a little bit more hygge to your life and home.

Slow Morning

Set up your day for hygge by setting your alarm to go off 15 minutes earlier than usual, creating a few more minutes to relax at the start to the day. Whether you write down intentions in a journal (a piece of paper will work, too), take your time to flip through your favorite magazine, or enjoy a bowl of hot oatmeal at the table, the slow start can have a huge impact on your day.

Accessorize It

If you’re going to make time for coffee, you might as well drink it out of a hygge-appropriate mug.

Juliska Quotidien White Truffle Coffee Cup, $24

Home Spa

Why spend endless bucks on spa treatments when you can actually create a sanctuary spa in your own bathroom. We often rush in and out of the bathroom too quickly—slathering moisturizer on our face while we brush our teeth. Take a step back, and add few elements that will make your bathroom feel like a relaxing oasis.

Accessorize It

Simple but effective: Start with some new bath towels. If you have had your bath towels since college, it’s time to invest in new, plush soft towels—it will magically transform the feeling of your bathroom.

Caro Home Santiago Vintage White with Mimosa Towel Collection, $12

Lights, Lights

No fireplace? No worries. You can create glowy ambiance by adding small table lamps and string lights to your space.

Accessorize It

Drape string lights around windows, pictures and large plants for the extra touch of comfort. And of course, don’t forget candles.

Ferm Living Candleholder String Light, $159.49

Dinner With Friends

Hygge is not only about creating a good time by yourself; it’s equally about creating a good time with people you love. Surprise your friends with a spontaneous invitation for dinner. You don’t have to stand in the kitchen for hours (that’s not hygge at all). A satisfying big pot of pasta with pesto and good wine will do just as well.

Accessorize It

A table set with wood accessories feels warm and inviting.

Dansk Wood Classics 2-Piece Salad Set, $14.99

Bake Something Delicious

With tasty pastry shops popping up everywhere, it’s become more convenient to grab some buttery dream on your way home instead of going the DIY route. However, baking something yourself can be a therapeutic activity. Make a homemade bread for the weekend or surprise your partner with this delicious and easy babka.

Accessorize It

Even kitchen utensils can be hygge.

HomArt Ceramic Ruled Pitcher, $10.99

Hit the Snooze Button

You might not be able to hit the snooze button on the weekdays, but by jazzing up your bed with few snug pillows and blankets will make you want to spend more time awake in your bed. Get a good book and cozy up for an afternoon of reading.

Accessorize It

Plush pillows and blankets complete the hygge feel.

Loloi Dhurri Style Pillow, $82

Create a Special Nook

You don’t need to have a dedicated library to enjoy some quiet time. A dedicated spot in your living room, like an armchair or even just one side of your sofa, will do.

Accessorize It

Get a small side table that you can easily move around to set up your relaxing station with books, candles, something yummy to nibble on, and a warm drink. And put it wherever you feel like nestling down.

Yamazaki Plain Side Table, $60