Published on August 9, 2019

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photo by cody guilfoyle

Your home should be a reflection of your personality—but what do you do when you’re not quite sure what that’s even supposed to look like? First, don’t panic. Second, allow us to introduce you (if you’re not already familiar) to the Enneagram personality test.  

According to the Enneagram Institute, there are nine basic personality types. These types have specific motivations and basic fears that can shed light on the decisions they make unconsciously. So basically, once you figure out what type you are, you can end up learning a lot more about yourself—including how to decorate your home. All you have to do is take this simple quiz (be honest!) and read on for Laura Miltenberger and Jennifer Andrew of XO, Enneagram’s breakdown of how your personality should impact your interior aesthetic. 

Type One

“Ones are known for their attention to detail, their orderliness, and their yearning for perfection,” say Miltenberger and Andrew. “They tend to love neutral colors and design elements that are clean and tidy.” Think like Marie Kondo and go for items that offer plenty of organization help, like cool desk accessories and stylish bookends.

Type Two

Twos always make sure their guests are comfortable, since warmth and hospitality are practically in their DNA. “Togetherness is the name of the game when it comes to Twos,” says Miltenberger and Andrew. “So any decor or furniture that lends itself to comfort will be welcome in their home—think: a stocked bar cart, a cushy sectional, a full cheese platter.”

Type Three

According to Miltenberger and Andrew, Threes value work, love to stand out, and are drawn to high-quality items with a wow factor, so they like having all the newest, best items in their homes. “Think: sleek, modern, and high efficiency,” they say. “Home decor that incorporates technology is particularly intriguing to a Three.” Consider a chic towel warmer as the ultimate impressive non-necessity, or splurge on a deluxe mattress designed specifically for your sleep habits.

Type Four

“Fours are drawn to uncommon items. They’re attuned to a rich and wide array of emotions; they’re sensitive, creative, and place a high value on their own authenticity and uniqueness,” say Miltenberger and Andrew. Go for statement pieces, but consider those that have an element of functionality, too—like a beautiful vase made by a cool independent potter.  “They love filling their homes with things that reflect their unique life experience and have beautiful stories behind them,” the duo adds. 

Type Five

Fives are minimalists at heart. They’re economical, independent, and have limited social energy. “It’s essential that Fives’ homes provide a peaceful retreat from the outside world. They gravitate toward simple and minimalistic designs that serve a purpose and work well,” say Miltenberger and Andrew. “Since Fives tend not to keep unnecessary items around, pieces that are in nature feel right at home.” Looking for the perfect practical piece? Consider a beautiful shelf or a sleek bookcase.

Type Six

Sixes love to be prepared—really prepared. So Miltenberger and Andrew suggest a few room additions that keep them at ease. “Their worst-case-scenario thinking comes along with high anxiety, so having some heavy and reliable furniture items can be very grounding for them and are especially wonderful coupled with cool and calming colors,” they explain. 

Type Seven

Being the life of the party is Sevens’ m.o. “They are adventurous and wonderful storytellers. Sevens gravitate toward home decor that is fun, quirky, or provides an element of entertainment,” say Miltenberger and Andrew. “Versatile spaces that are ready for spontaneous entertaining are essential in the home of a Seven, and design elements with a fun story or explanation behind them are welcome.” So ideally they should opt for a record player, plenty of chairs, and a well-stocked bar they can dive into at any given moment.

Type Eight

“Eights thrive off the intensity of life and tend to be high-energy people who hold a lot of stress and have trouble slowing down,” say Miltenberger and Andrew. “They will benefit from home design that encourages their self-care and relaxation.” The pair suggests patio furniture to sit in to enjoy fresh air or efficient at-home gym equipment that can help blow off some steam.

Type Nine

Nines are peacemakers who are always busy helping others feel comfortable. According to Miltenberger and Andrew, they’re compassionate and calm, and they need their home to be a place they can unwind. “Nines tend to gravitate toward comfy items and calming colors,” they explain. “But pops of bright and energizing colors can be surprisingly helpful for Nines to have around the house. [These colors] can encourage them to step outside of their comfort zone.” A calming blue duvet cover in a funky pattern should do just the trick.

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